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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Snow and parking
Dear Editor:
The recent snow we just received has brought me to write an angry Letter to the Editor. What happened to the - You shovel it, it's yours? - mentality. I spent hours in the cold shoveling two parking spaces across from my house. My car was in one and the other one was empty. I was being nice! Now the next evening after returning home from work, driving 2 hours back (I work out of state) I came home to NO parking spaces! The neighbors to the left of me took both spots. I was furious! Where's their spots? Why didn't they get out there and shovel their own? Better yet, why don't they use that driveway they have? Again...You shovel it, it's yours!
Lynn from Hagerstown

Does it really save us in the long run?
Dear Editor:
I was watching a program the other night on saving energy. I have an issue with that. The government pushes consumers to purchase energy-efficient appliances, turn off lights throughout your home, etc. We are told that this will save consumers money in the long run. Do you really think so? Now if everyone followed this energy-efficient plan, wouldn't the stocks drop for energy companies? If their stocks drop, consumer prices go up. So where's the savings?
Larry from Hagerstown

City needs to remove snow on public streets
Dear Editor:
I live on a busy street in Hagerstown. I have private parking enough for one car. My husband has to park on the street. Like cleaning the streets, why doesn't the City put up the same kind of signs for clearing the snow off the streets? When we get as much as we just received over these past few weeks, where are we supposed to put the snow? Cars get damaged - sideswiped by trucks and cars trying to access the road and mirrors getting clipped, etc. Now granted the City does plow the snow along the road, but what about the homeowners? This just causes more for us to shovel...not to mention piling it up in front of our driveways! Come on give us a break.
Brooks in Hagerstown

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