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Code Issues Relating to Snow and Ice Conditions

Code Issues Relating to Snow and Ice Conditions

With the winter season beginning this week, the City of Hagerstown's Code Compliance Office reminds citizens about code issues relating to snow and ice conditions.
"We would like to take this time to remind everyone of the City Code that relates to ice and snow," stated John Lestitian, chief of code compliance. "Our concern is for the safety of pedestrians throughout the City. Property owners need to make plans ahead of a storm to ensure their sidewalks can be cleared of ice and snow within the parameters of the code. Often times ice melt or salt is needed to properly clear the sidewalks."
Mr. Lestitian went on to list a number of items from the City Code relating to snow and ice including: Public sidewalks shall be maintained free from accumulations of ice and snow. It is the responsibility of the abutting property owner to maintain a clear and unobstructed sidewalk for the width of the sidewalk or 48" which ever is less.
The City of Hagerstown gives property owners within the City's "business district" 4 hours after snowfall stops to shovel the walks, unless it stops between 9pm and 5am, then they have until 9am the next day to get the sidewalks clear.
For purposes of this code section, the "business district" is defined as those properties located within the area bounded by Church Street and East Avenue to the north, Mulberry Street to the east, Baltimore Street to the south and Prospect Street to the west.
In all other areas of the City, the pedestrian areas shall be maintained as above within 10 hrs after the storm subsides.
Ice and snow conditions that remain unabated are declared a nuisance and are subject to abatement by the City or its contractors. The property owner will be billed for the cost of the abatement plus a $60.00 administrative fee.
Neighborhoods 1st is coordinating volunteers to assist those property owners who occupy their dwelling if they are:
1. Physically unable to clear their walks, and
2. Financially unable to pay for snow removal, and
3. Do not have any household member able to clear the walks.
Individuals who are in need of this service and meet the criteria should call 301-739-8577 x 136.
Individuals or organizations who would like to volunteer with the snow removal program should contact 301-739-8577 x 136.
Individuals who would like more information on Hagerstown's code regarding snow and ice abatement should call 301-739-8577 x 194.

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