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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Signs Are Everywhere!
I am a long-time resident of Hagerstown. Everywhere I drive there are signs! Signs for realtors, signs for yard sales, signs for flea markets, and signs for leasing and rentals. Billboards are huge and ugly.
Here recently we've had numerous political signs...many of the same signs in the same place. That's too much. Will this get them more votes? I don't think so.
New housing developments place several signs for potential buyers throughout town. Most of them in the same area. This surely can't increase sales.
Personally I find these exhausting. What's wrong with scenery? How many billboards and signs are going to be allowed? I hope there won't be anymore anytime soon. We have enough. Now I know advertising is important for businesses...but there are TV and newspapers for that.
There are signs everywhere! How much is enough?
Harold from Hagerstown

Is Music Factored In?
I am a grandparent of a band student at South Hagerstown High School. I have attended every single Tournament of the Bands competitions. Now, I know you're going to say because my grandson goes to South that I am bias. This is not necessarily true. Yes, I believe the band is absolutely wonderful. They're good at what they do. I'm supportive, clap for other bands, and cheer loudly when South's band comes on the field.
These students start practice in the early summer, and start competitions in the early fall. Performing they give giving the audience and judges everything they've got, saying, "Here we are... We've worked hard... Now what do you think?"
South's marching band really knows how to put on the "show". They are right on during the entire performance (from what I can see as a spectator). There's never any mistakes in music, line up, timing, dress--in their performance at all!
Fundamentals of movement, poise, forward marching, backward marching, instrument carriage, body, dance, and choreography, etc. are being judged, but are they actually graded on their ability to play music? Or is it mostly the theatrics and props that they are graded on? Many of the marching bands go a little too far with their props...beds, bridges, flashing neon anyone listening to the students perform?
TB from Hagerstown

Putting the Brakes on Speeders
I have lived in Hagerstown most of my life. I moved to the south end of town in 1975 and have stayed in this area ever since. I live on Frederick Street toward the center of town and am furious at the speeders. A few years ago I had a dog hit on that road right in front of my house and kids. The driver never stopped. Thankfully she survived, after months of rehabilitation, but why did she have to go through that in the first place? There are children living on this street. Is a child to be next?
The speed limit is only 25 miles an hour! Most drivers are going 40 to 50 down my street. Where are the police? If they sat just about anywhere on that road they'd catch all kinds of speeders.
As a speaker for my street--won't the police enforce the speed limit? Please?
Lynn from Hagerstown

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