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Board of County Commissioners Meeting: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Board of County Commissioners Meeting
Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Commissioner John Munson commented on attending Williamsport Days last weekend.
Commissioner Dori Nipps also had positive comments about Williamsport Days.
Commissioner Jim Kercheval commented that Augustoberfest, held in the City of Hagerstown last weekend was a very successful event. The annual downtown festival celebrates the City's sister-city affiliation with Wesel, Germany.
Commissioners' President Greg Snook cited real estate data for January through June 2006 indicating that Washington County new housing starts have returned to levels seen in 2003, after sharp spikes in 2004 and 2005. The Maryland Department of Planning has published a pamphlet on Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances that lists needs and actions of municipalities and counties in the APFO process. Snook requested the Commissioners make a decision on the request by the Community Free Clinic for an additional $100,000 for operational needs. The City of Hagerstown has indicated it will increase its annual allocation to $50,000, and Mayor Bob Bruchey suggested the County do the same, Snook said. A motion, for a one-time donation of $50,000 from the Commissioners' Contingency Fund to maintain current levels of service at the Free Clinic for low-income residents of Washington County was approved by unanimous vote. Commissioner Nipps said the decision is a good example of County/City cooperation to meet community needs.
Public Works Division Director Gary Rohrer and Engineering Project Manager Gary Pozzouli requested budget transfers to the Courthouse Renovations Line Item in the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Budget. The move would transfer $360,000 from the Interstate Industrial Park Storm Water Management CIP project plus $165,600 from the CIP Contingency to cover cost overruns associated with the Courthouse Renovations project. The increased costs occurred as a result of a latent condition involving asbestos on the upper floors of the structure. There have been additional costs to address unknown subsurface conditions, and extended inspection services. Rohrer said that it is necessary to transfer funds into the project to cover the estimated $560,000 shortfall. A potential for additional costs exists as demolition and excavation continues for the new prisoner elevator. The majority of the work addressed was completed to insure the health and safety of Courthouse employees and the general public. The remaining work would provide adequate protection of all concerned during prisoner transport and movement, Rohrer said. The asbestos removal project has been completed, and portions of the project should be completed in September, Pozzouli said. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.

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