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Water and Sewer Infrastructure Commission

Water and Sewer Infrastructure Commission

The Washington County Water and Sewer Infrastructure Commission released its final report today. The report addresses long-term water and sewer issues related to Washington County.
The report emphasizes the need for careful and coordinated planning of development in the county and the need to recognize that future growth in the County will be severely limited due to finite limits on sources of water and regulatory limitations on future sewer capacity.
The report addresses the requirements of Federal and State laws and regulations with particular regard to water sources in the Potomac River basin and the recovery of the Chesapeake Bay from its failing condition.
Among the Commission's recommendations are to (i) update the Comprehensive Plans for the County and for each of its municipalities and providing coordination of those plans with water and sewer availability and limitations, (ii) complete a comprehensive review and revision of the County's Water and Sewer Plan and provide for continuing updating and reporting of changes to the Plan, (iii) provide for closer coordination of all water and sewer utilities in the county and (iv) consider a study and evaluation of merger or consolidation of all water and sewer operations in the county.
It is important that all affected governmental bodies and the general public be aware of the implications of the laws and regulations governing withdrawals from water sources and the limits placed on allowable nutrients in treated wastewater discharges. These are Federal and State laws and regulations and are not under local control. Merle Elliott, Chairman of the Commission stated, "Compliance is not optional and priorities on land use and development affecting water and sewer capacities are essential to achieve any level of sustainable growth."
Representatives of the Commission will be available for presentations and to answer questions and provide additional information upon invitation.
The Commission was established on July 1, 2004 under the provisions of House Bill 1211 enacted during the 2004 session of the Maryland General Assembly. The Act provided for broad representation from various constituencies in the county. The primary objective in establishing the Commission was to assure adequate long term planning for water and sewer services to the entire county.
For more information write: Washington County Water and Sewer Infrastructure Commission, c/o Washington County Department of Water Quality, 16232 Elliott Parkway, Williamsport, MD 21795.

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