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Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan

Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan

Bill Stachoviak, Park and Environmental Planner brought this Public Hearing on the County Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan 2006 update before the Board, and recommended that it be adopted following a comment period.
Stachoviak told the Board that the Plan was updated in 2005 according to State guidelines. The Draft was advertised for a 60-day public review and comment beginning May 11, 2005. The Draft was sent to city and town mayors, each library, Board of Education, the Dept. of State Planning, and other interested agencies and associations.
It was also posted on the county web site. Three evening public comment meetings were held on June 7, 15, and 22 in Boonsboro, at Hagerstown Community College and Clear Spring. Two citizens attended those meetings, Stachoviak said. Revisions to the plan were made based on comments received from Dept. of State Planing, and various citizens.
Citizen comments included: "environmental nature park" needed, public transportation be available to parks; and Plan should be balanced and oriented more to nature rather than only group sports. The Plan summarizes policies, goals and recommendations for land protection and conservation from the Comprehensive Plan, inventories agricultural easements, park sites and projects needs in relation to goals for easements and parkland.
Stachoviak said that the county exceeds the state-mandated 15 acres per thousand residents with 15.9 acres per thousand.
By 2010, additional acreage will be needed to maintain the state level, due to growth in the county. The Parks plan is consistent with the County Comprehensive Plan and was approved by the Recreation and Parks Board. The Public Hearing drew no participants.

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