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County Comment: County Employees Honored for Donations and Volunteerism

County Comment
County Employees Honored for Donations and Volunteerism
by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

Angela Helfrick of the Washington County Community Partnership has served as coordinator of the County's United Way/Community Health Charities drive for the past three years. This year she suggested to County Administrator Rod Shoop that Washington County employees should kick off the annual United Way Fund Drive as a "Pace Setter".
In a report to the Board of County Commissioners at its regular meeting on January 24, Helfrick reported that County employees had indeed set the pace for the United Way Campaign, having donated approximately $42, 000 by the original "kick-off" day on September 2, 2005.
Each year, the United Way Day of Caring provides volunteer assistance to nonprofit community service organizations. The event was held on October 5, 2005, with approximately 55 County Employees participating in the event compared to 43 participating the previous year. County Employees represented one of the largest teams of volunteers in the Day of Caring, assisting with projects at seven different locations including Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club, the Boy Scout Office, Community Action Council, Girls Inc., Horizon Goodwill and Interfaith Service Coalition.
The 21 member agencies from United Way expressed appreciation for the assistance received, Helfrick, who was honored with a Spirit Award by the United Way campaign, said.
Team leaders Paula Fisher, Bob Jones, Daryl Long, Bardonna Woods and Rodney Snyder were also honored for their efforts, receiving the "Outstanding Achievement Award" at the United Way Finale Luncheon on Thursday, January 19. Helfrick thanked County Buildings, Grounds and Parks Deputy Director John Pennessi for assessing the projects and coordinating the supplies needed for each project. Henry Renner of the Engineering Department was honored for quick action in obtaining concrete for the Girls Inc project. and Daryl Long for recruiting his fellow Detention Center co-workers in assisting with the Day of Caring.
The County goal for the combined United Way and Community Health Charities pledges this year was $50,000. Washington County Employees donated a combined total of $59,759.00 to both the Untied Way and Community Health Charities, with $49,657.00 to the United Way and $10,102.00 to Community Health Charities. The United way contribution was an increase of 25% from last year's figure of $39,808.00.
Three hundred eighty-nine of the County's 650 full-time employees made donations, representing 59% of the county work force.
United Way Executive Director Dale Bannon and Resource Development and Campaign Director Shuan Butcher were on hand to hear Helfrick's report. Bannon said County employees could always be depended upon to assist in the worthy cause.
The final total for the United Way campaign at $1,649,569.25 was 97% of the overall goal of 1.7 million.

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