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County Comment: County Employees Assist Reach

County Comment
County Employees Assist Reach
by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

County employees have assisted the REACH Caregivers Cold Weather Shelter for homeless persons program with donations of clothing, bedding, foodstuffs, and cash--designed to coincide with the opening of the shelter for this winter season.
On Tuesday, November 8, four palettes of supplies valued at over $500.00 were donated, along with around $175.00 in cash. Fourteen coordinators were named for each of the County's buildings and locations.
Supplies donated included such diverse items as paper towels, socks, Coffee, Instant Hot Chocolate, Pillows, Liquid Dish Soap, Chapstick, Hot and Cold Cups, Cleaning supplies, Personal Hygiene Items such as deodorant, foot powder, shaving cream and toothpaste, Heavy Work Gloves, Thermal Underwear, Dry Cereal, Instant Oatmeal, Paper Towels, Disinfectant Spray, Kleenex, Trash Bags, Aluminum Foil, Powdered Milk, Liquid Hand Soap, and a host of other items the shelter will use in providing temporary relief to homeless individuals during the winter months.
The mission of the Cold Weather Shelter provided by REACH is to provide homeless adults with a safe shelter of last resort to avoid risk of death or bodily harm from hypothermia. A second mission is to provide information and services to shelter guests for specific needs they are facing. The strength of the program, REACH says, comes from houses of worship and concerned community members combining their time, energies, compassion, and talents. The cold weather shelter opened its doors for the 2005-2006 season on November 7.
Coordinators for the various County locations were: Hagerstown Regional Airport, Janet Moats; Administration Annex, 80 W. Baltimore Street, Misty Wagner-Grillo; Buildings, Grounds & Parks, Rachel Mobley: Recreation Department, Dyanne Sharrar; County Administration Building, Irene Rosenberry and Julie Nichols; Sheriff's Patrol Division, Shelly Dick; Sheriff's Detention Division, Kathy Schlotterbeck; County Office Building, 33 West Washington Street, Angie Helfrick; Solid Waste, Donna Fuss; Highway Department, Diane Mongan; Transportation Department, Teresa Smith and Chrissy Pryor; Water Quality Department, Jamie Calandrelle, and County Office Building, 35 West Washington Street, Todd Hershey.

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