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County employee named to state subcabinet

County employee named to state subcabinet

Hagerstown, MD (August 6, 2012) - Washington County Manager of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) John "Bud" Gudmundson has been appointed as a member of the Maryland Integral Map (MD iMap) Executive Committee by Governor Martin O'Malley. A subcabinet, the Committee advises the Governor on issues related to MD iMap and geospatial policy.
Recently, the MD iMap Executive Order was officially signed by the Governor. The signing was deemed a success for GIS in Maryland and is one of many initiatives moving forward to improve the services and products of MD iMap. The latest revision to the order expands the Executive Committee membership to include five regional representatives of local government. Gudmundson will represent Washington, Frederick, Allegany and Garrett Counties.
Gudmundson has guided the County's GIS efforts since the County began using the system in 1992, and has been involved in mapping with the County for over 30 years. Governor O'Malley said he was selected for his dedication to public service and expertise in the field.
More About MD iMap and How to Access Information
According to the iMap government website, it is a centralized collection of the most commonly used map data, such as roads, streams, place names, government boundaries, property information and detailed imagery. These products and services assist in capturing, storing, analyzing, managing, and presenting data linked to a location. Much of the data contained in MD iMap is shared from Maryland state and local government agencies and represents the best data available. There is no cost associated with accessing and using MD iMap or the data contained in it. The website, is a portal into the system, and includes:
* a single point of access to all GIS related information, products and services for the State of Maryland
* an authoritative source of geospatial data and services that assures users are getting the "best available" information
* a set of base maps (geodetic control, transportation, cadastral, hydrology, administrative units, elevation and imagery) to support daily activities in government
* a shared set of protocols and standards that provide consistent and clear methods to share and consume geospatial data and services
* the server, data storage and software infrastructure that serves the data and applications to the user community
* a set of end-user tools that allow data sharing and discovery, data viewing, map production, and business process specific applications
* a catalog of information on data, applications, projects, services and people
* a variety of on-line services with specific map views, process models, geocoding, querying, reporting and data extraction
About the Washington County GIS Office
The Washington County GIS Office is the enterprise GIS hub for Washington County Government. It supports all the other departments that have their own GIS staff and those smaller ones without any GIS staff. It establishes the Mission - Vision - Goals - and Objectives for the GIS on the County level. It also sets priorities and direction, sets an example of data stewardship and manages expectations. It coordinates policy, and assures quality through setting standards. Visit for more information.
About Washington County, Maryland Government Washington County, Maryland Government strives to fulfill its duty to the citizens of Washington County with regard to operational efficiency, fiscal responsibility, and responsiveness to the needs of the community. This vision is used to ably assist the Board of County Commissioners of Washington County in achieving goals for moving the County forward as present needs and future plans are addressed.
According to the Maryland Department of Legislative Services, the Washington County General Fund has one of the lowest cost per capita for services provided of all 23 counties and Baltimore City. This is attributed to the efficiency, staffing levels, and cost containment exhibited in Washington County Government operations. Visit for more information.
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