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Education opportunities expanding in City Center

Education opportunities expanding in City Center

The City of Hagerstown and the University System of Maryland-Hagerstown (USMH) are partnering to facilitate an expansion of the University's facilities in City Center. With City Council's approval of a lease agreement, USMH will occupy the rear anchor portion of 60 W. Washington Street to include additional classrooms, conference spaces and faculty offices.
"We are happy to see that the USMH is in a position to expand their programming, and delighted that we will continue to see educational opportunities in the City Center," says Christy Blake, the Downtown Business Recruitment & Retention Manager. "The City has always been pleased to have the University in our core, and we're excited to work together in facilitating the growth of their educational programs."
The initial lease agreement runs through June 30th of 2017, with an option to renew for two additional periods of five years. The addition is able to accommodate up to 95 additional students and six more faculty members.
"The University System of Maryland at Hagerstown is very pleased to have partnered with the City of Hagerstown in expanding our capacity to offer classes and provide additional office space for faculty," adds Dr. Mark Halsey, Executive Director of USMH. "The City was extraordinarily easy to work with as the space was built out to meet the educational needs of our students. And now, with classroom buildings on both sides of University Plaza, there is an even greater sense of a downtown university presence."
Since the university system opened in January of 2005, program offerings have expanded to over 40 options with six participating educational institutions.
Halsey adds, "We are anticipating an increase in enrollments this fall, particularly with the addition of a new Bachelor's program in health information management offered by Coppin State University, our sixth and latest addition to the universities in Hagerstown."
For more information about the City's partnership with the USMH, contact Christy Blake at (301) 739-8577 ext. 822 or email

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