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Advisory: Speed cameras go live April 16th

Advisory: Speed cameras go live April 16th

Hagerstown, MD - The 30-day warning period in effect with the automated speed enforcement cameras is coming to an end, and citations will be issued beginning Monday, April 16, 2012.
According to Maryland state law, the cameras must operate under an initial 30-day warning period after the first systems are installed. Two cameras were installed and activated along Northern Avenue between Fountaindale Elementary and Northern Middle on March 13, 2012. During the 30-day warning period, vehicles that would be cited are instead issued a warning.
Each of the city's 15 school zones are being marked with signs warning drivers they are entering an area that is subject to photo enforcement. Chief Arthur Smith of the Hagerstown Police Department says traffic around city schools is noticeably calmer. "We've heard from other places around the city that the signs alone have tended to slow people down. I think when the cameras go live, we'll see even more people slowing down," he adds. Smith hopes to reduce speeding by 80 percent in school zones with the help of automated speed enforcement.
Beginning with the system's activation at 6 a.m. on Monday, April 16th, vehicles traveling 12 miles per hour over the speed limit or faster will be issued a citation. The fine is $40; however, the fine is discounted $5 if paid within 10 days of the ticket being mailed. There are no points associated with the citation and it does not affect an individual's driving record.
Ongoing traffic studies are being conducted to assess the placement of future speed cameras. The 30-day warning period will not apply to those systems.

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