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County Comment: Commissioners Honor Meritorious Youth

Youth Meritorious Award Winner for March 2013, Darina Kantsavenka
Youth Meritorious Award Winner for March 2013, Owen Glass

County Comment
Commissioners Honor Meritorious Youth
By Norman Bassett
Washington County Maryland Public Information Officer

As part of the regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners on March 13th, meritorious awards were presented to two outstanding youth for the month of February 2012.
Honorees for the month are Darina Kantsavenka of the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts (BISFA) and Owen Glass, of Boonsboro Middle School.
Darina Kantsavenka
A 9th grade student at BISFA, Darina is the daughter of Paul and Alena Kantsavenka and was nominated by teacher Marie Martin, who wrote:
"For over three years it has been my pleasure to know and work with Darina and her family. Darina is an extremely hard-working student who strives to do well in everything she does. In addition to being a respectful and helpful student and peer, she takes pride in her academic achievements with a maturity beyond her years. Last year, with kindness and consideration, Darina actively helped her community church with renovations on the weekends."
"Darina excels in academic content areas including merit algebra, and she is also an accomplished artist and violinist. She was the first active English Language Learner to be accepted to the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts. It is an honor to nominate Darina as a deserving candidate of the Youth Meritorious Award," Martin said.
Owen Glass
An 8th grade student at Boonsboro Middle School, Owen is the son of Joseph and Marianne Glass and was nominated by Guidance Counselor Lauren McDermott, who wrote:
"Owen is an honor roll student at Boonsboro Middle School. He is consistently honored as a character counts and STAR student. He is a talented athlete, playing both football and basketball. Most importantly however, Owen is known at Boonsboro for being a friendly, caring young man. He is the first person I think of to give tours to our new students because of his great personality and willingness to accept others."
"Owen's English teacher reports that, he sets an example for all of his peers to follow. He is humble, caring, giving, and every other positive word in the dictionary! His math teacher praises Owen for his patience and willingness to help struggling students. Owen is a great role model to other students at Boonsboro Middle and has a very bright future ahead of him," McDermott wrote.
The Award is presented by the Commissioners to honor outstanding youth who exhibit leadership in their schools, homes and in the community.

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