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County Comment: County GIS Office unveils web-based property map application

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County Comment
County GIS Office unveils web-based property map application
By Sarah Lankford Sprecher
Director of Public Relations & Community Affairs

The Washington County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office has developed a web-based application to provide citizens viewable access to Washington County property map information. This browser based application displays the graphic representation of each property parcel shape, the primary address of a structure, the tax account number, and includes a direct link to parcel information maintained on the State Department of Assessment and Taxation web site. All county parcels are included and are viewable through an ordinary browser without the need for additional software or add-ons.
Parcels may be located by typing an address or by panning and zooming similar to other on-line mapping applications such as Google Maps. Three different base maps may be selected: streets, topography, or aerial photo. Clicking on the map will display the information for that parcel.
The provided information is a result of a two-year GIS Office project to digitize and improve the accuracy of the existing Washington County maps maintained by the State Department of Assessment and Taxation. The City of Hagerstown also participated in this project by contributing their previously digitized property maps for inclusion. This cooperative effort created a valuable informational resource for the community and has facilitated data sharing among local and state government agencies.
Copies of the county mapping data in an AutoCAD format will be available for a small fee to engineers and surveyors on December 1st. Although the quality is much improved over the old maps, it is not survey accurate, does not replace the need for professional surveys, and should not be used for critical land use decisions by property owners. For access, please contact the GIS Office Manager Bud Gudmundson at 240-313-2277, or 240-313-2279.
The application may be accessed from Washington County's home page ( and then by clicking on the world globe icon or it may be directly accessed by clicking on the Parcel Maps link on our web-mapping page at ( Other map applications on this site include zoning and survey monuments information.

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