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County Comment: County communications maintenance manager wins international honor

County Comment
County communications maintenance manager wins international honor
By Norman Bassett, Public Information Officer

Washington County Communications Maintenance Manager Pete Loewenheim has been chosen as International Radio Frequency (RF) Technologist of the Year by the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO), and will receive official recognition at the Association's 2011 convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in August.
Director of Public Works Joe Kroboth announced the honor during the July 26th meeting of the Washington County Board of County Commissioners.
Loewenheim's department procures, installs, and maintains communications equipment for all County Departments, the City of Hagerstown and county municipalities. Those responsibilities include making sure that police, fire and emergency medical responders can communicate 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year, in all weather conditions. Communications Towers in nine locations across the County must be maintained in top working order to provide adequate protection for Washington County citizens as well.
In addition to public safety support, Loewenheim's group maintains communications equipment for all County departments that use two-way radio equipment including the Division of Public Works, Environmental Management, and Permits and Inspections, as well as administrative services.
Loewenheim is Project Manager for the County's new $20,000,000-plus Public Safety Communications System, which has totally restructured methods, policies and procedures for all forms of radio communication in the county, while providing interoperability with Maryland state agencies and public safety communicators in neighboring counties and states. He has worked in communications maintenance for Washington County since April 1980.
Loewenheim was named Radio Frequency (RF) Technologist of the Year for Maryland in April, by the Mid-Eastern Chapter of that Association.
Winners in seven communications categories receive all-expense paid trips to the APCO meeting. Director of Emergency Communications, Bardonna Woods, nominated Loewenheim.
APCO's Annual Public Safety Communications Award Program presents seven categories of annual awards to public safety communications personnel who demonstrate the highest levels of personal and professional conduct and performance in the line of duty. Recipients will be featured in APCO's magazine, Public Safety Communications.

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