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City seeks volunteers for city boards

City seeks volunteers for city boards

Hagerstown, MD: If you have a heart for serving Hagerstown, the City of Hagerstown wants to hear from you!
The City's Board of Traffic and Parking and the City's Board of Code Appeals are seeking out individuals interested in using their talents to pour back into the community.
The Board of Traffic and Parking is a five member advisory Board to the Mayor and City Council and City Staff. The Board reviews issues pertaining to parking and traffic in Hagerstown and meets on the second Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. Meetings for the board generally last about an hour. Applicants that have experience in traffic management, parking management, law enforcement, and leadership in neighborhood groups or engineering, are encouraged to apply.
There is also a current opening for a contractor, licensed electrician, plumber or general contract for the City's Board of Code Appeals. This Board meets as needed when appeals are received. Members generally meet less than six times a year. Specifically the function of the Board is as follows:
The owner of a building or structure or any other person may appeal to the Board of Technical Appeals a decision of the staff refusing to grant a modification of the provisions of the applicable building, sidewalk, and property maintenance codes of the City of Hagerstown. Application for appeal may be made when it is claimed that the true intent of this code or the rules legally adopted there under have been incorrectly interpreted, that the provisions of the code do not fully apply or that an equally good or better form of construction can be used.
If you have any questions about the responsibility of the Board of Code Appeals, please contact the Hagerstown Department of Parks and Engineering at 301-739-8577, ext. 125 or email the City Engineer at
The City asks that applications for both Boards be returned to the office of the City Clerk by August 8th, 2011. Applications are available from the City Clerk's office or at Staff will provide a list of interested individuals to City Council for their ultimate selection.

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