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2011 law enforcement alarm registration renewals get underway

2011 law enforcement alarm registration renewals get underway

The Washington County Division of Emergency Services (DES) is now in the process of sending out law enforcement alarm registration renewals for the year 2011. If you have a business or residential burglar alarm and are on file with the DES, you will be receiving an re-registration notice. A county-wide ordinance was adopted by the Washington County Commissioners in 2009, which became effective January 2010 for all alarms to be registered on an annual basis with no fee for registering. Each registered alarm user is allowed two "False Alarms" before charges will be invoiced for law enforcement responses. For those alarms not registered that generate a law enforcement response to the location, the business or home owner may be charged a non-registered response fee.
Permit renewals, updates, new registrations, and additional information may be completed by using the on-line county web site From the on-line site go to Divisions & Departments, Emergency Services, and then click onto "Links" and "False Alarm Reduction Program" to access the False Alarm Reduction and Administration web site. Otherwise, you can also go to the direct link for the false alarm reduction and administration site at
Please review the following specific to some questions asked.
* To access your account on-line, use the account number listed in the letter and then use the password included. IE) Account # is: S1001 and the Password is: DES18001
* If renewing on-line it is not necessary to return the paper form to DES. You may choose to print it for your records. The alarm information will be updated through the web site.
* When sending the paper form back you can either fax it to 240-313-4378 or mail to the address provided. Mark through any old information and write in any changes or updates.
* If there are no changes to the current information, simply write "No Changes" on the form and return it if not renewing on-line.
* If you have any questions they can be submitted on-line or you can contact the DES at 240-313-4360.

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