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County Comment: Commissioners honor 6 meritorious youth

CAPTION: Youth Meritorious Award winners for September/October 2010

County Comment
Commissioners honor 6 meritorious youth
By Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

In its regular meeting on October 5th, the Washington County Board of County Commissioners honored six outstanding students with Youth Meritorious Awards for September and October 2010.
Abigail Jones of Boonsboro Middle School was an honoree for September. Abigail is the daughter of Darrell and Amy Jones and is in the 7th Grade.
Ms. Lauren McDermott, who wrote, nominated Abigail: Abigail Jones is a 7th grade merit student at Boonsboro Middle School. As a distinguished honor roll student last year, Abigail has also been awarded the Carson Scholar award for the 2nd year in a row! Abigail finished 3rd in the Boonsboro Middle School spelling bee and won 1st place in the Washington County Library poetry contest as a 6th grader. Along with Abigail's phenomenal academic efforts, she is also a fantastic leader and a truly caring young lady. She is a member of the environmental club, and actively volunteers at her church, Boonsboro Days, Boonsboro Green fest and Boonsboro
Elementary school. She was honored with the S.T.A.R.S. award last year as well. Abigail is an amazing asset to both Boonsboro Middle School and the community.
Catherine Rishell, a 12th Grade Student at Smithsburg was the High School nominee for September. Catherine is the daughter of Dan and Donna Rishell and was nominated by Mr. Thomas Hood.
Hood wrote: I have known Carrie for four years as her track coach and also as her Health teacher for one semester. In the four years that I have known Carrie she has exhibited, without fail, a character that is unmatched by her peers.
As a student, Carrie takes challenging courses and excels. She has earned STARs at Smithsburg High School and one of her hobbies is reading. She is one of a few students who will finish her schoolwork and actually pull out a book and read quietly until all the other students finish. In my class she earned a 100% all 3 marking periods.
Carrie has been involved as a class officer during her years at Smithsburg. She dedicates a lot of time to this, as well as being a Link Crew Leader, SGA member and a captain on the track team. Most importantly, Carrie is never negative to her peers. On our track team, she was probably the most important member of our State Championship team. She is like a coach on the team. She helps her teammates get better; she encourages them during workouts and will talk to teammates who may have had a bad performance. Without Carrie, our track team would not have been able to make the improvement that they did in the last 3 years. In my years as an educator I have never met anyone with more positive characteristics than Carrie.
Spencer Shultz, a 7th grader at Clear Spring Middle School, also an honoree for September, is the son of Shawn and Julie Schultz, and was nominated by Mr. Earl Meagher.
Meagher wrote: Spencer Schultz is a very highly motivated young man that puts forth hard work and determination in his schoolwork. At Clear Spring Schools, Spencer has been elected to Character Counts every year. Sports are important in Spencer's life; he has led the Chargers football team in rushing and touchdowns. As School Counselor, I have known Spencer for the past few years. I hear many positive comments about him from the school staff. Because of his outstanding honor roll achievements and his leadership responsibilities with academics and sports, I would like to nominate Spencer for the Youth Meritorious Award.
Brittni Reynolds, daughter of Bradley and Brenda Reynolds is an 8th Grader at Smithsburg Middle School and is the honoree from that school for October 2010.
Brittni was nominated by Mrs. Donna Rishell who wrote: I am aware that one of our 8th graders this year, Brittni Reynolds, had a summer fun party where she invited friends to come over to her house for the day to swim, hang out and just have fun. All participants were encouraged to bring items that could go to Haiti with a missions group to be given to people that are still in need from the earthquakes. Brittni's leadership showed in her helping to plan, prepare, participate in activities and clean up after the party. There were about 10 children in attendance; the friends brought everything from toothbrushes and toothpaste to lollipops. She also attended a youth choir mission that took her and friends from her church on a tour from Baltimore through some southern states and back home. It is my understanding the group worked on community service projects while on this trip. Brittni works hard to achieve at school, she will ask for help when needed and knows how to give her best effort. I think her summer activities show that she is a willing worker, is kind enough to think of others first and that she can lead others to do good deeds not just at home, but for people in other countries as well.
Colby Robinson, a 12th grade student at South Hagerstown High School is the honoree for October in that category. Colby is the son of Jay and Christi Robinson and was nominated by Ms. Robin Handler.
Ms. Handler writes: It is a pleasure for me to nominate Colby Robinson for the Youth Meritorious Award. Colby is an intelligent young man who continues to take advantage of the academic and extracurricular activities at South Hagerstown High School. During the three years I have worked with Colby as his school counselor, I have had the opportunity to observe a young man who is both highly motivated to succeed and mature beyond his years. Colby is a strong student who has challenged himself by taking rigorous classes such as Advanced Placement English, Environmental Science, Psychology, Statistics, World History and Human Geography. Colby's SAT scores are well above the average at South High. Maintaining a 3.66 GPA, his desire to learn and ambition is clearly evident in all aspects of his academic and extracurricular activities.
Colby has chosen to further explore his goal to serve his country in a leadership capacity. Over the past three years, he has been a member of the Student Council, Link Crew, and Prom Committee and has played varsity soccer (Captain), lacrosse, and indoor and outdoor track. In addition, he participates in the Civil Air Patrol, Cadet Senior Master Sergeant, and the Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard. Colby has been a lifeguard at the YMCA and the Potterfield Pool. Colby engages himself to the fullest in every activity he is involved in. I am confident his commitment and sense of purpose will transfer to his life endeavors.
Hannah Woods is the honoree from Clear Spring Middle School for October. Daughter of Jerald and Sharon Woods, she was nominated by Mr. Earl Meagher.
Meagher wrote: Hannah Woods has been on the honor roll during her elementary and middle school years. Also, because of her high-standardized test scores, Hannah qualified to participate in the Johns Hopkins Youth Talent Search. Only the top three percent of students in the United States are designated for this prestigious honor. Hannah assists with first grade at her church and as a Girl Scout earned a bronze award for her Human Society project. She is currently a WEB leader and has had great attendance for the last two years. As Counselor, it is a pleasure to have a student like Hannah in our school. She is well liked by fellow classmates and is an academic as well as a highly motivated person.
The Washington County Community Partnership for Children and Families Community Outreach Committee selects outstanding youth in the community to receive the Commissioners' Youth Meritorious Award.

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