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County Comment: County Honors Retirees, Employee Longevity

County Comment
County Honors Retirees, Employee Longevity
By Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

The Washington County Board of County Commissioners honored 154 employees for service milestones at the 12th Annual Employee Service Awards Breakfast. The Board honored length of service anniversaries and retirements
Employee service, the Board said is highly appreciated by the citizens of Washington County. The group, collectively, represents 2,406 years of dedicated service for Washington County and its people.
Retirees included Joan Sweigert, 37 years in Budget and Finance; Jan Davenport, 35 years in Purchasing; Frank Huntzberry, 32 Years, Solid Waste; Terry Kline 32 Years, Division of Public Works-Capital Projects Engineering; Dennis Mummert, 32 years, Sheriff's Department.; Kathy Kefauver, 31 years, Sheriff's Department; Thomas Keefer, 30 Years at Highways; Joni Bittner, 29 years as County Clerk; Sharon Brewbaker 22 years with the State's Attorney's Office; Roy Harsh, 25 Years in the Sheriff's Department; Gary Rohrer, 20 years in Public Works and County Administrator's Office; John Keefauver, 16 years at the Airport, and Archie Brewer, 7 years with the Sheriff's Department.
Employees were honored for length of service beginning with 30 years on the job.
Those with 30 years included Angela Loewenheim, Budget & Finance; Robert Smith, of Highways; Jack Reynard, Highways; Steven Goodrich in Planning and Michael Shifler of Emergency Services.
At 25 years service honorees included Vicky McKenzie, Capital Projects Engineering; Roy Harsh, Thomas Newton, Thomas Routzahn of the Sheriff's Department Patrol Division; Steven McCoy, George Buckheit, Earnest White, Timothy White, James Powell, Doreen Burcker, Linda Weicht and Douglas Moore all of the Sheriff's Department-Detention Center. Mark Faith served in the Sheriff's Department-Judicial Division; .Bardona Woods, and James Blevins served at Emergency Services; Robert Hershman and Rodney Bowers at Highways; Tim Lung in the Planning Department; Fred Armstrong at Parks, Recreation and Facilities; and Philip Ridenour's years of service were at Hagerstown Regional Airport.
Those with 20 years service included Tim Dorsey, Brian Brandt, Benjamin Myers, Jamie Calandrelle, Rodney Snyder and Karen Flook of Water Quality; Kimberlie Artz, Angie Poffenberger and Doug Oliver of Information Technologies; Guy Sentz and Zane Rowe of Highways; Brenda Wright, Douglas Long and Tom Vanmetre of the Sheriff's Department -Detention Division; Donna Fuss and Karen Rohm of the Solid Waste Department; George Miller and Rich Eichelberger in the Department of Permits and Inspections; Vicki Grimm in the County Attorney's Office, Bob Graff of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Facilities; Michelle Martin, Treasurer's Office; David Davis at Black Rock Golf Course; Eric Seifarth, in Planning, Tracey Peyton in the Sheriff's Department -Patrol Division; Julie Pippel at the Division of Environmental Management; Jeff Gardiner at the Transit Department, and Gary Rohrer, Director of Special Projects in the County Administrator's Office.
At 15 years' service were Ed Plank, David Spessard, Wayne Topper, Daniel Jones, Ricky Martz and Terrence Golden from Highways; John Martin, Robert Whittington, James Grimm, James Holsinger, Todd Kerns and Gregory Alton of the Sheriff's Department -Patrol Division; Kim Crumbacker, Michael Rafter, and Mary Blickenstaff of the Sheriff's Department-Detention Center; Regina Cirincion, Arthur Rozes and Sharon Cunningham of the State's Attorney's Office; Charles Enders and Ricky Ebersole of the Sheriff's Department-Judicial Division; Greg Larsen of Hagerstown Regional Airport, Norman Bassett, Public Information Office;
Charles Brown, Emergency Services; Jerry Ward of Water Quality; Kenneth Carrier, Parks, Recreation and Facilities; Kim Kepler-Thomas, Transit; and Joe Kuhna of the Division of Public Works.
Those who have served for 10 years include David Izat, Brian Burke, Shelly Dick, and Marc Albowicz of the Sheriff's Department -Patrol Division; Douglas Murray, David Ebersole and Earl Baker of the Highways Department:; Mark Bradshaw and Jeffrey Trite of Water Quality; Angela Helfrick, of Alternative Sanctions; Jennifer Swisher, Emergency Services; Dee Del Popolo Washington County Circuit Court; Kathy Flood, Black Rock Golf Course; Ernest Shoemaker of the Solid Waste Department; John Martirano, County Attorney; Debbie Peyton of Human Resources; Peggy Russ, Narcotics Task Force; Frank Quillen, Permits and Inspections; Vicki Stinebaugh of Engineering-Land Development, Jill Baker of Planning and James Sword
of the Sheriff's Department-Judicial Division.
Honored for 5 years service were Jason Litten, Benjamin Jones, Joel Footen, Jeffrey Miller, Corey McCarthy, Ronald Hardy, Jason Willison and Patrick Kemmerer of the Sheriff's Department -Patrol Division; Sarah Faith, Tina Bowers, Shelbie Powers-Hall, Glenn Haines, and Warren Royce, of the Division of Emergency Services; Robert Reid, William Mills, Billy McPherson, Norman Forsythe and Traci Thomas of the Sheriff's Department- Detention Center; Michelle Rupp, Patricia Ryan, Michele Hansen and Lisa Enderlin of the State's Attorney's Office; David Mason, George Palmer, and Anthony Mace of the Water Quality Department; Ricky Whittington and Lisa Embly of the Sheriff's Department -Judicial Division; Terry Golden and Ronald Criswell of Parks, Recreation and Facilities; Debra Eckard and Michael Thompson of the Department of Planning and Community Development; Philip Drake and Christi Line of Highways; Robert Mandley and Robin Ferree of Economic Development; Steve Blickenstaff of the Permits and Inspections Department;; Gary Pozzouli, Engineering-Capital Projects; Jim Hovis of the Gaming Office; Katie Yoder, Community Partnership for Children and Youth; James Hastings, of the Water Quality Department and Ronald Laughman of the Division of Environmental Management-Solid Waste.
The event was held at Hager Hall in Hagerstown.

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