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County Comment: County Honors Meritorious Youth

County Comment
County Honors Meritorious Youth
By Norman Bassett, Public Information Officer
Washington County, Maryland

In its regular meeting on November 10th, the Washington County Board of County Commissioners recognized two outstanding students for their academic, social and community leadership.
Winners of the Youth Meritorious Awards for November 2009 were Collin Schultz of Clear Spring Middle School and Maria Lincy Rivas of Western Heights Middle School. Commissioners Vice-President Terry Baker presented the awards.
Collin Schultz, an 8th Grade Student at Clear Spring is the son of Shawn and Julie Schultz and was nominated by Counselor Earl Meagher.
Collin received the Character Counts Award numerous times in elementary school, was a S.T.A.R. Award recipient in sixth grade and has been on the Honor Roll and Distinguished Honor Roll throughout middle school. He passed the High School Assessment for Algebra I in seventh grade.
Sports are an important part of Collin's life. He has played basketball with a number of organizations over the years, as well as football in the Washington County Junior Football League where he has shown leadership skills in his role as quarterback. Collin participated in a student service learning project that performed a fundraiser event for the REACH Cold Weather Shelter.
Collin's teachers say he is a very conscientious, kind and highly motivated student.
Maria Lincy Rivas, an 8th Grade Student at Western Heights Middle School
Is the daughter of Juan Solano and Lorena Rivera and was also nominated by Earl Meagher
Although born in the United States, Maria's parents took their family to live in El Salvador when she was a year old. Due to economic difficulties and lack of opportunity, Maria and her sister were adopted by their aunt and uncle and returned to the United States. Maria and her sister are very aware of the many opportunities they have living in America and truly appreciate the education they are receiving.
Maria was in sixth grade when she entered United States' schools and did not speak English. Today, she is an excellent student, and her reading, writing, and speaking skills have improved tremendously, all due to her own hard work.
Recently, two new Spanish-speaking students enrolled at Western Heights Middle School, and Maria agreed to be a buddy to one of the students. Maria has helped this student learn his way around school socially, logistically and academically. All her teachers say Maria is a pleasure to have in their classrooms. She demonstrates the qualities of respect, responsibility, and readiness each day. Maria goes above and beyond the academic requirements of the course, and is always willing to help other students in the classroom. Her work ethic and character are excellent examples for her peers.
Her teachers say Maria is truly an extraordinary student and classmate.
The Washington County Community Partnership for Children and Youth Outreach Committee selects recipients of the Meritorious Award based on their impact in the classroom and the community.

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