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Board of County Commissioners' Actions: Commissioners Approve Wastewater Pilot Study, Meet in Boonsboro

Board of County Commissioners' Actions
Commissioners Approve Wastewater Pilot Study, Meet in Boonsboro
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In its regularly scheduled meeting on August 25th, the Washington County Board of County Commissioners approved award of a sole source procurement to Cambridge Water Technology, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts in the amount of $224,850.00 for a BioMag Process Pilot Study.
Division of Environmental Management Director Julie Pippel told the Board that as part of the Chesapeake Bay Initiatives, in accordance with the Maryland Department of the Environment Enhanced Nutrient Reduction strategy, the County is being required to upgrade the Winebrenner Wastewater Treatment Plant in Highfield/Cascade. The new technology can deliver low effluent standards in smaller footprint facilities. The pilot test will allow State and County review of abilities and effectiveness in achieving the enhanced standards mandated by MDE and the EPA. Upfront costs would be credited towards total project cost if successful, and if not successful the money would be refunded, Pippel said.
A Public Hearing on Forest Conservation standards took testimony from Debi Turpin of the Homebuilders' Association and Elmer Weibley of the Washington County Soil Conservation District. At issue was a change in state statutes that would alter a list of approved family members to apply only to children of the owner, and removing "grandchildren" from the definition. The County will request that the ordinance be allowed to remain as written regarding family members. Final approval would come prior to the effective date of the law, October 1st.
The Commissioners approved the annual "On Behalf Of" Local Government Housing Bond Allocation. Each year the State allows the local government to partner in a statewide bond pool for first time homebuyers. The pool allows the counties to transfer their allocation to the State to issue bonds to fund the housing programs. Washington County has historically used this allocation to participate in the Maryland Mortgage program. This year's allocation for Washington County is $4,583,469.00.
A bid for replacement of culverts on Crystal Falls Drive was awarded to Kinsley Construction, of Hagerstown, in the amount of $408,211.75. The project involves the removal and replacement of three drainage structures at different site locations along Crystal Falls Drive.
Commissioners approved a change order for a consultant request for contract time extension and compensation on the Southern Boulevard I Design to deal with a sight distance problem. Development Facilitators, Incorporated (DFI) was awarded the contract for design of Southern Boulevard I in the amount of $188,580. With approximately one third of the design complete, additional design became necessary; beyond that foreseen at the time of bid. The work will require additional time and expense; to the order of 120 days and $62,745 respectively.
The Board awarded the bid for the Virginia Avenue sewer Gravity Replacement and Slip Lining construction to Fayetteville Contractors, Inc. of Fayetteville, Pennsylvania in the amount of $280,070.44. The project is for the construction of the Virginia Avenue gravity replacement and slip lining to include replacement of a gravity sewer line, associated manholes, installation of new manholes, clearing and grubbing, gravel parking lot restoration, pavement and grass restorations and slip lining of gravity sewer lines.
The 2009-2010 Workers Compensation Excess Insurance Renewal was approved with Midwest Employers Casualty Company at the current retention level of $500,000, for an annual premium of $98,750, subject to an end of year policy audit. Estimated premiums are below the budgeted FY2010 premium level of $102,898.
Commissioners approved acquisition of property at 19329 Longmeadow Road at a cost of up to $314,900.00 Plans are underway to design the future intersection improvements and widening at Longmeadow Road and Marsh Pike. The realignment would place the road improvements through a large section of the dwelling. The current owners at have expressed their intention to remain on the property, with a new dwelling being constructed on the remainder of the land. The owners will be entitled to relocation/replacement housing assistance.
The e-Citation program enhancement and expansion grant for the Sheriff's Department was accepted in the amount of $23,900.00. Approval was given for the Budget and Finance Division to add a line item to the Sheriff's Department budget for disbursement purposes. Funds are from the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention to support participation in the Maryland Electronic Traffic Information Exchange Program, administered by the Maryland State Police. The program also addresses interoperability between the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Maryland State Police, and the District Court of Maryland. The funds will add printers to computers in Patrol vehicles.

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