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County Comment: Washington County Gaming Commission Announces Gaming Fund Distribution

County Comment
Washington County Gaming Commission Announces Gaming Fund Distribution
by Norman Bassett, Public Information Officer
Washington County, Maryland

The Washington County Gaming Commission has announced the 2009 gaming fund distribution to the Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, as well as to 86 local charitable organizations.
The Gaming Fund total of $2,235,510.40 for fiscal year 2009, which ended June 30th, represents a 14% decrease when compared to fiscal year 2008 revenues. State law provides for funds to be divided equally between The Washington County Fire and Rescue Association and local charities.
In January the Washington County Fire and Rescue Association received $501,950.50. With today's announcement, an additional $615,804.70 will be distributed bringing the yearly total for Fire and Rescue to $1,117,755.20. The Association then distributes the funds to the fire and rescue companies throughout the county.
In May the Washington County Gaming Commission received 121 separate applications from 104 charitable organizations requesting a total of $2,648,119.96. After one day of workshops in June, and two days of public hearings in July, the Commission was able to either partially or fully fund 94 of the 121 requests. Of the 121 applications received, 22 received full funding, 72 received partial funding, and 27 were denied funding. A total of $1,117,755.20 was allocated to 86 of the 104 charitable organizations applying.
The Regional Community Health Center (Community Free Clinic) received the largest award of $175,000, followed by Reach Caregivers receiving $100,000, and then Friends of Safe Place Child Advocacy Center receiving $63,115.08.
The Washington County Gaming Commission is a volunteer 7-member board appointed by the County Delegation and County Commissioners. Established by the State Legislature in 1995, the Commission is responsible to ensure the revenue produced by Tip Jars played in the county's clubs, taverns, liquor stores, and restaurants is equitably distributed. Since it's beginning, the Commission has provided over 40 million dollars to charities and fire and rescue companies in Washington County.

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