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Get Outside and Enjoy the Outdoors

Get Outside and Enjoy the Outdoors

Antietam Creek is a tributary of the Potomac River located in south central Pennsylvania and western Maryland in the United States. The creek became famous as a focal point of the Battle of Antietam during the American Civil War. The total length of the creek is 41 miles (65 km). The day of the battle is known as "the day Antietam Creek ran red" due to the blood of thousands of Union casualties mixing with the creek waters.
The creek is noted for numerous well preserved stone arch bridges dating to the 19th century that still traverse the creek, the most famous of which is the 125-foot long Burnside Bridge in the Antietam National Battlefield.
Fifty-six miles of the 184-mile C&O Towpath are located in Washington County. The towpath is excellent for hiking, as well as horseback riding, boating and fishing. The canal stretches from Georgetown in Washington DC to Cumberland, Maryland, but the portion of towpath in Washington County and further west is the most peaceful and serene. The restored towpath, bridges, locks, and aqueducts provide an interesting historical context. The trail is accessible in Williamsport and Hancock, and services are provided at major access points.
Doub's Woods is the first county park, which was established in 1953. Doub's Woods is a great place to take the family as there are several playgrounds, paved walk paths, picnic areas, band shell where plays and concerts take place throughout the summer months. Doub's Woods is located between South Hagerstown High School and the South End shopping center, Hagerstown.
Fort Frederick State Park: The focal point of this state park is the restored 1756 fort used during the French and Indian War, providing visitors with a historical perspective of that time period. The nearby C&O Canal runs through the park complementing such activities as hiking, biking, camping, boating and picnicking. Other services include interpretive programs and concessions.
Gathland State Park is an excellent choice for the nature lover as it offers picturesque hiking trails and several picnicking sites. Visitors can view a century-old stone monument dedicated to war correspondents. Gathland is located one mile east of MD 67 on Gapland Road south of Boonsboro.
Greenbrier State Park circles a 43-acre lake that provides swimming, fishing, and boating. This popular park also offers picnicking, camping, interpretive programs, nature trails, and concessions. The park is conveniently located eight miles east of Hagerstown off of U.S. 40.

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