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Editorial: Autumn...Mother Nature's color show

Autumn...Mother Nature's color show

What a glorious time to be in Maryland! The leaves are just starting to turn, and soon we'll be treated to one of Mother Nature's most spectacular displays.
This year autumn begins on September 23, 2006.
Autumn is a season for jumping in piles of leaves, running through corn mazes, and going on nature walks. The longer days of summer are missed when the shorter days begin, but who can resist the sounds of nighttime during autumn--crickets chirping, trees rustling, and winds howling.
Autumn season is also the beginning of the school year when children return to school dressed in new clothing, carrying crisp, clean school supplies in their sturdy, (and often designed) book bags.
Autumn's association with the transition from warm to cold weather in the northern hemisphere, and its related status as the season of the primary harvest, has dominated themes and popular images of females wearing hats decked out with fruits, vegetables and grains that ripen at this time of year. The predominant mood of these autumnal celebrations is a gladness for the fruits of the earth mixed with a certain melancholy linked to the imminence of harsh weather.
Autumn has many perks. It is the time of year associated with the Halloween season, Thanksgiving, and autumn harvest festivals. It is also the time during which most crops are harvested, and deciduous trees lose their leaves.
Autumn is a favorite among many--including me. I love that the days are warm and the nights are cool. Watching television is put on the back burner. Sitting on the front porch, taking in the sounds, smells, and scenes, is something my family and I do often on cool autumn nights.
Yes my family and I had a blast this past summer, but I look forward to the beauty of autumn in Maryland. There's no place that compares!
In this autumn issue of the Picket News, readers can look forward to learning about several historical structures including bridges, buildings, monuments, and districts throughout Washington County, Maryland. Some are privately owned while others are available for family tours.
No matter what you do or where you go this autumn, be sure to check out area festivals, events, and historical towns throughout Western Maryland.

Yours in Ink,

Jennifer Leese, Managing Editor

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