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3rd Annual Senior Summit

3rd Annual Senior Summit
May 20th, 2008
A Washington County CARES update for the community sponsored by Washington County Hospital at Robinwood Medical Center.

Senior: A person of relatively advanced age, especially a person at or over the age of retirement. Sum˙mit (smt): NOUN: 1. The highest point or part; the top. 2. The highest level or degree that can be attained. 3a. The highest level, as of government officials. b. A conference or meeting of high-level leaders, usually called to shape a program of action. (The American Heritage(r) Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright (c) 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by the Houghton Mifflin Company.)
Now that you have the definition...
Why is the Senior Summit so important? Well, I am glad that you asked! First, this year's Senior Summit is going to provide you with the opportunity to attend some programs that are of the highest quality. These programs will provide information to seniors about some of the most current trends affecting seniors today. They will be presented by professionals who are at "the highest level or degree that can be attained." This summit will also provide the opportunity to come in contact with important "government officials." Most importantly though, this year's senior summit will be a meeting of "high-level leaders [namely, you], usually called to shape a program of action."
How will you be able to shape a program of action? This will be possible because you will have the opportunity to meet with officials from the area to share with them your thoughts and suggestions for improving life in the county. You will also get to talk with representatives from many of the senior service providers. By talking with those providers, you will not only learn what services are currently available, but you will also have the unique opportunity to share with those providers what your needs and desires are. You see, the vendors who will be at the senior summit want to learn what your needs are and how they can provide for those needs. For instance, if you have always dreamed of moving to a retirement center that offers the opportunity to learn how to weave baskets underwater, you ought to first find out if any retirement center in the area offers an underwater basket weaving program. If this service is not currently available you can make that suggestion to several of those vendors who currently have swimming pools. Who knows, you may just find that a retirement center might start an underwater basket weaving program. While this example is somewhat humorous, it demonstrates the influence that you wield over the future services that will be offered to seniors in Washington County.
In addition to this unique opportunity to help shape future service offerings in Washington County, you will also be exposed to activities that help you remain mentally and physically fit in the coming years. Be sure to check out the cooking, dancing and exercise demos that will be available throughout the day. They are sure to provide innovative ideas on how you can keep your mind and body fit. And who knows? You might even have trying them out!
So, get up right now and put the Senior Summit on your calendar! Your ideas and suggestions will make shape Washington County into a better place for those "of relatively advanced age, especially a person at or over the age of retirement" aka-you and your family and friends.

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