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Hydrotherapy Helps Soothe Ailments of Seniors

Hydrotherapy Helps Soothe Ailments of Seniors

(NewsUSA)- Hot baths have been used for centuries to soothe ailments such as rheumatism, insomnia, diabetes, many forms of arthritis and even lower back pain.
So, it's not surprising that many studies have shown the benefits of hydrotherapy in seniors. A study of elderly patients with chronic heart failure showed that hydrotherapy seems to improve these individuals exercise capacity. Research has also shown that regular, gentle exercise can improve an arthritic joint by nourishing the cartilage and easing stiffness in which hydrotherapy is particularly helpful.
Here are a few tips to help you benefit from your own hydrotherapy experience:
* Take time to relax. Don't put a time limit on your bath. Instead, take a moment to sit back and let your stress melt away. You can even try some deep-breathing techniques.
* Invigorate your senses. Try adding essential oils to your bath water. Chamomile or lavender are ideal for relaxation while jasmine rejuvenates the mind and basil helps restore one's muscles.
* Watch your water temperature. You don't always need a hot bath to get the benefits of hydrotherapy. Let the ailment you are treating and your personal health conditions determine your bath water temperature.
* Create a safe environment. There is a risk that seniors -; especially the frail elderly -; can fall getting into and out of the bathtub. That's why Premier Bathrooms has created a variety of bathing solutions, such as tubs individuals can walk into, and sit in at a chair level or be mechanically lifted into and out of. Premier's baths have hydrotherapy jets that are fitted at the base of the bath, allowing tiny bubbles to massage and increase the blood flow to extremities in a safe environment.
For more information about Premier's hydrotherapy system, visit or call 1-800-578-2899.

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