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Medicare Drug Coverage Can Save Seniors Money

Medicare Drug Coverage Can Save Seniors Money

This typical example of how Medicare Drug Coverage saved one family money may also apply to other seniors in similar situations.

(NAPSI)- Bill Eldridge of Little Rock, Ark., suffers from diabetes and heart disease, and like many Americans, he manages his conditions with prescription drugs. In fact, both Eldridge and his wife take more than five different prescription drugs each day to manage their chronic health conditions.
Prior to enrolling in Medicare's prescription drug coverage (also known as Part D), the Eldridges were spending more than $6,000 a year on medications alone. Since enrolling in the Medicare Part D program in 2005, they have saved more than $3,000 per year, cutting their prescription drug costs by half.
"The savings under the Medicare drug plan have allowed me to work a little less and have some financial freedom, so my wife and I can do some traveling and spend some time with one another," said Eldridge.
Eldridge also sees an advantage in the program for other people who need assistance with their prescription drug costs. "The program works for me and my wife and can work for other people in a similar situation such as ours. I hope others become aware of this program and the potential cost savings associated with it," said Eldridge. "The Medicare drug benefit is a step toward providing seniors with better health care, and my wife and I have seen the difference already."
Under the Medicare Part D program, seniors are saving on average $1,200 per year on prescription drugs. And according to recent public surveys, 80 percent of seniors enrolled in the program are satisfied with their plan.
To learn more about how Medicare's prescription drug coverage can work for you or a loved one, visit or call (800) MEDICARE. If you already have a Part D drug plan, be sure to look out for information about your coverage for 2008. Materials will be sent to you during the fall. You should review these materials to make sure your Part D plan covers the drugs you will need in 2008.
To see if Medicare's drug prescription coverage can work for you, visit

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