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Tips on Helping Elderly Family Members Eat Well

Tips on Helping Elderly Family Members Eat Well

(NewsUSA)- When we're children, our parents urge us to eat our veggies and drink our milk. But as parents age, roles are often reversed, and it's the adult kids who worry about Mom's and Dad's nutritional needs, with good reason.
Physiological, psychological and financial changes can all contribute to poor nutrition among the elderly. For instance, although metabolic rates slow with age, many older people are not consuming foods and beverages that contain sufficient nutritional values. And that can lead to chronic fatigue, depression and a weakened immune system.
One way to ensure that your elderly loved ones get the nutrition they need is to make food preparation as easy as possible for them.
For example, a supplemental health drink like NuVim makes getting many of the nutrients an elderly person needs as easy as opening a juice carton. Available in the refrigerated juice section of many supermarkets, NuVim contains vitamins C, E, B-12 and zinc; vitamin A; calcium; and complete protein. The fruit-flavored drink is lactose-free and contains no fat, gluten, caffeine or cholesterol.
Low in calories, carbohydrates and sugar, NuVim contains immune-boosting and muscle-building nutrients as well. For a list of stores that carry it or to purchase the drink in powder form, visit or call 877-850-8777.
Here are some more suggestions for making sure your elderly parents and loved ones eat well:
* Offer to help with the grocery shopping. Make a list together and if necessary, consult a dietitian to help you choose healthy, nutritious foods that your loved ones will enjoy.
* Prepare and freeze meals they can heat in the microwave. If they're forgetful, put the cooking time on each package.
* If they are homebound, look into Meals on Wheels or another program that will deliver prepared meals to their home. Not only will they get nutritious food, they'll have important social contact with a daily visitor.
* If they live with you, let them help you prepare meals. Cooking will help boost their appetite - and their mood.

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