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Stair Lifts Keep Seniors Living Well

Stair Lifts Keep Seniors Living Well

(NewsUSA)- Having to rely on others to do the most basic physical activities around the home is not how most people envision their senior years.
Growing older can mean having to deal with many different physical conditions, such as osteoporosis and arthritis, that impair the most routine activities. As the aging population continues to grow--and with more seniors determined to stay in their homes rather than move into a retirement setting--living with dignity and independence has become an increasing concern.
In an AARP survey of people age 45 and older, 82 percent said they want to stay in their existing homes for as long as possible.
One home improvement that can play a critical role in this goal is a stair lift, a motorized chair on a track that is secured to a staircase.
Walking up and down stairs is one of the leading causes of falls in the home and more adults 65 and older die from fall-related injuries each year than from any other kind of injury, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A recent report from the CDC found one in three older adults requires hospitalization for a fall each year, with a broken hip being the most common and serious injury. Installing a stair lift can dramatically reduce the potential for a fall as well as wear on ankles, knees and hips.
A stair lift requires no structural changes to a home and can be used to transport people or objects by simply pushing a button. The stair lift operates on rechargeable batteries and the battery charger plugs into a standard household outlet.
ThyssenKrupp Access (, a stair lift manufacturer in Grandview, Mo., has been building stair lifts since 1947 and says it can handle any stairway configuration. Extra convenience features are becoming more common on stair lifts, including swivel seats, remote controls that send the chair to another floor, and folding tracks to optimize small hallway space.
ThyssenKrupp Access' new Citia stair lift has interchangeable seats and comes with multiple safety features, including a seatbelt for added security, sensors that stop the lift if something blocks its path and brakes that will stop it if something goes wrong with the drive system.
Simple modifications like adding a stair lift to a home can add safety and peace of mind while empowering seniors or the disabled to be more self-reliant. To learn more about stair lifts, visit or call 800-829-9760, ext. 9553.

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