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New Ally Emerges to Fight Arthritis Pain

New Ally Emerges to Fight Arthritis Pain

(NewsUSA)- Ever get the feeling your aging body is making you pay the price for your enthusiastic and active lifestyle?
As America ages, osteoarthritis becomes more common. According to doctors, more than 30 million Americans suffer from a form of osteoarthritis. For some people it is severe and constant, for others slight and occasional.
But sufferers have one thing in common: the inflammation in their joints. This inflammation--caused by tissue damage or deterioration to the cushioning matrix of those joints--causes much pain and discomfort.
As there is no known cure for arthritis, the answer is to minimize that inflammation. Proven aids in this effort include Celadrine, a compound of cetylated fatty acids that naturally occur in the body. Supplements containing these acids may help reduce inflammation.
Glucosamine also is a well-documented compound that is known to help rebuild those matrices. As the matrices rebuild, the inflammation is reduced.
Now a newcomer has emerged in the fight against the effects of arthritis: a combination of Celadrine and glucosamine found in Joint-2-Life, a soft candy chew from Dallas-based Mosaic Nutraceuticals. This compound also is available in capsule form.
"Many of our customers like the candy form, but others like the capsules," said Charles Townsend, chief executive officer of Mosaic Nutraceuticals, an emerging leader in the nutritional supplement field. "Either way, our Joint-2-Life is working for a lot of people."
You can find out more about Joint-2-Life arthritis treatment at or by calling (888) 7-MOSAIC or (214) 866-0045.
The Mosaic Web site also provides scientific and medical information about a variety of health issues and product ingredients.

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