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Prescription Checklist Helps in Choosing Medicare Drug Plan

Prescription Checklist Helps in Choosing Medicare Drug Plan

(ARA)- The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is sending every beneficiary in the country a "Medicare and You" guide, which includes information about Medicare's new prescription drug benefit. How will you know which plan is right for you?
Seniors advocates are urging Medicare beneficiaries to gather together all their prescription bottles and then write down what they are taking. Having a checklist of medications will help when reviewing the various Medicare-approved prescription drug plans, which began enrollment on Nov. 15.
The checklist should include:
1. The name of each drug, precisely as it appears on the prescription bottle
2. Dosage (e.g. 75 mg)
3. How frequently the medicine is taken (e.g., daily, twice daily)
4. Cost
An option is to put all medications in a bag, and to simply have that bag at hand when attending an enrollment event.
Seniors are also encouraged to write down what pharmacies are convenient--since different plans will have different pharmacy networks--and to write down if they currently have prescription coverage, since they will want to compare what they have with what Medicare is offering.
In addition, beneficiaries are urged to collect all the Medicare drug benefit-related mail they receive in one place so that it is centralized and readily available when they review the information. That will also make it easier for children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors to help Medicare beneficiaries sort through the material. Helping with putting together the checklist (or gathering prescription drugs in a bag) is also part of the all-important preparation that is key to making the sign-up process go smoothly.
Representatives are available to answer questions about Medicare's drug coverage at (800) MEDICARE (633-4227) and at local state health insurance program offices, which can be reached through the Eldercare Locator at (800) 677-1116.

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