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Site Supports Moms Who Send Kids to College

Site Supports Moms Who Send Kids to College

(NewsUSA) - As Barrie Smith of Old Westbury, N.Y., learned in the months surrounding her only son's entrance into college in the fall of 2005, the journey from high school to college is an experience that involves the entire family.
As her family waded through the process, Smith found she had more questions than she had access to answers. Along with the mountain of details associated with the applications and logistics of moving her son to another state, Smith found she had strong emotions about her child leaving home.
"I had this overwhelming need to connect with people who were going through the same thing. And more than that, I needed to be able to talk at any time day or night," said Smith. "What I needed was a Web site. It's never too late to call, you can be completely anonymous and you never have to worry about saying the wrong thing. Since there was no site that fulfilled all my needs, I created one.", for "Mothers of Freshmen," was born in March 2006. Smith considers the Web site to be a virtual kitchen table where moms can gather to share the joys, concerns and questions unique to sending a child off to college.
She was on to something, because mothers across town and across the country started connecting to find advice and friendship on her site. Less than a year after the site was launched, it was averaging 6,000 hits per month. is filled with chats, forums and articles relating to parenting during the last year of high school and first year of college. Mothers are logging on to discuss financial concerns, being a single parent, homesickness, adjusting to an empty nest, children with special needs and roommate issues.
The site also provides useful articles ranging from the prevalence of eating disorders to move-in tips. Doctors, accountants, guidance counselors and recent college grads write columns, host live chats and conduct Q&A sessions throughout the year.
But Smith is quick to point out that the site's real experts are its members. "At the end of the day," Smith said, "Mother knows best."
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