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Personality is Blooming This Mother's Day

Personality is Blooming This Mother's Day

(ARA)-For some, selecting a meaningful gift for Mom is more difficult than finding presents for any other person. How does one show appreciation for the woman who gave you life? This year, use Mother's Day as the perfect opportunity to show your mom that after all of these years, you understand her with a personalized bouquet of fresh flowers. Join the fun new trend of matching your mom's personality to the arrangement. Did you know that each and every flower has its own meaning?
Take a moment to consider who your mom is and what she loves. Then, personalize your message with the fresh, beautiful gift of flowers. Here are some tips from FTD on matching your mom with the perfect bouquet.
Constant Companion:
If your mother has been the constant, calming influence in your life, then paint a living picture of her as the woman who has always been there for you using seasonal florals such as lisianthus and freesia nestling against a backdrop of roses or cradled by gerberas and larkspur. Your message will tell your mother that her patience and sensitivity is recognized each day and especially celebrated on Mother's Day.
Constancy: lisianthus
Calmness: freesia
Purity: gerbera
Balanced: larkspur
Wisdom: iris
Friendship: roses
Lively Lady
Is your mother your best friend and confidante? If you regularly share fun moments of silliness or adventures together, show her you recognize her as your partner in crime by sending her a delightful bouquet of tulips and daisies. This pure, yet lively depiction will capture the fun the two of you have together as well as your energetic and engaging personalities.
Playful Joy: hyacinth
Perfect happiness: pink roses
Sunshine: yellow tulips
Symbol of Love: aster
Youth: daisies
Gladness: white lilacs
Gracious Giver
If your mother is a feminine woman with a sensitivity to the past and great pride in your future, show her you care--even from a distance--with a fresh bouquet. Mix colorful sunflowers with alstroemeria to show your appreciation for her generous and devoted affections. For a broader presentation of personal affection, add dahlia to show her that she's a source of inspiration in your life.
Elegance: dahlia
Gracious lady: snapdragon
Aspiring: alstroemeria
Adoration: sunflowers Gratitude: pink carnation
This Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th. Be sure your mother knows how special she is. Opt to create your own personalized bouquet with the help of an FTD Florist or match your mom with a professionally designed bouquet such as The FTD Mother's Day Bouquet, which gracefully blends lilies, snapdragons, pink carnations and alstroemeria sharing with Mom your gratitude for all that she has done and that you aspire to be like her! A fresh bouquet of flowers from your local florist or FTD.COM is the perfect personal and memorable gift.

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