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Personalized Jewels Capture Her Unique Style

Personalized Jewels Capture Her Unique Style

(NAPSI)-Any day can be Mother's Day-a good day to honor your mother with gifts that embody love and affection.
A personalized gift is especially treasured. Whether your mother is classic, glamorous, professional or natural, fine jewelry offers styles to accent her personality. Here are some great gift ideas:
Classic Confidence:
Elegant pearl and diamond pieces are a must have for the woman with classic taste. Multicolored baroque pearls in interesting shapes look great worn as pendants or set into a button-style earring. Mixing different colors of pearls together instantly updates a classic look. Elizabeth Blair and Elyssa B. Design have countless options. For the diamond diva, fancy cut diamonds are hot alternatives to the traditional diamond studs. From square princess cuts to pear, trillions and even hearts, fancy cut diamonds are all the rage.
Hollywood Glamour :
For the mother who adores the bright lights and excitement of Hollywood, brighten her life with a little red carpet "bling." Large cocktail rings in colored gemstones such as citrine, peridot and tourmaline are designed to make her the center of attention. Cuff bracelets or a couple of slim bracelets can be layered to increase the fancy factor. Designers Christian Tse and Color Story create fluid mesh gold necklaces to form perfectly to the body for a unique and glamorous accent.
Professional Poise :
For the mother who is always on the go, there are many fine jewelry options. Paired with a business suit or used to dress up jeans, multiple strands of chain necklaces layered in varying lengths allow for a seamless transformation from workday to nighttime play. Convertible diamond earrings, such as those from Kwiat, transform from traditional diamond studs to long linear diamond stilettos in seconds. For a transformable look in colored gemstones, the fancy sapphire drops in Zhen-U.N.'s laser cut citrine studs offer extra elegance.
Natural Beauty :
For the mother who enjoys the peaceful serenity of nature, jewelry containing natural materials such as wood, leather and coral are a great way to incorporate natural beauty into everyday style. Jewelry made from raw, uncut stones such as quartz, jade, fire opal and onyx capture the extraordinary power and beauty of nature. Tegui Jewels creates exquisite gold necklaces and earrings featuring brilliant red coral branches, a much-appreciated gift for a mother with natural style.
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