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Washington County Participates in Geocache Trail

Washington County Participates in Geocache Trail

Several towns in Washington County are participating in the new Maryland Municipal League (MML) Geocache Trail. Maryland is the first state league in the U.S. to launch such a trail.
The purpose of the MML Geocache Trail is to promote awareness of and visits to Maryland's cities and towns. It taps into the rapidly growing high-tech tourist trade that is not limited to any particular age group. Discovering a geocache is very much like going on a treasure hunt using a hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) to plot map coordinates in order to locate the treasure or "cache." A geocache trail is a series of geocaches tied together by a common theme. The theme of the MML Geocache Trail is, 'Celebrating Maryland's Cities and Towns.' It is comprised of 78 caches located in the eleven MML regions throughout the state.
'Geocachers' must access the official geocache website, go to the MML account and download or manually enter the map coordinates for each cache on the MML Geo Trail; then use the GPS to find the caches. After at least two municipal caches in each district are discovered, geocachers may return to any county visitor center and have their passports validated The first 500 geocachers who locate a minimum of 22 caches throughout the state will receive a collectible, highly coveted geo coin. The Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau's Visitor Welcome Center in downtown Hagerstown is providing and validating passports and giving coins to individuals finding geocaches in Washington County.

This information was provided by the Hagerstown/Washington County Convention and Visitor's Bureau -

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