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The Business of Love

The Business of Love
by Jennifer LB Leese

Lane Kinze's family knows the business of love.
Lane, of The Crystal Lenz, is a fine arts photographer. Her company began 3 years ago. She comes from a long line of creative people who work in and around the wedding industry. Because of watching her family with their businesses, Lane learned how to manage the ins and outs of a wedding. "We're not "limited to weddings only-it's just that we have a lot of our business from weddings," says Ms. Kinze. The Crystal Lenz also does school photos, family photos, portfolios, commercial ad design, and they are available for events, as well as special requests.
Lane went on to tell me that her family is experienced small business owners in the entertainment and arts business. Her aunt's catering business-Jackie's Cakes and Catering-based in Northern Virginia beginning 35 years ago, caters weddings and grand events.
Ms. Kinze's mother, Joan Kinze, began her DJ business, The DJ Lady-in Frederick 20 years ago. Lane began helping with the wedding parties at a young age. "Every family member had a job." Cooking skills, now used in her aunt's catering business, were passed down from the late Geraldine Mattia. Lane remembers that her and other family members helped tend bar, waitressed, and helped set up the events.
Lane knows how much work goes into a wedding and feels relieved when everything is set up and ready for her to shoot.
"We are all a pretty creative bunch of people," she says. "The wedding photography just fit right in."
The catering and DJ and photography business isn't the only thing her family has to offer to the industry of art, her grandfather did freelance photography work and her father, Ed Kinze, has been recognized for his landscape photography in Annapolis, Maryland.
Holding a BA in fine arts with concentration studies in photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Lane interned with the Orioles team photographer Morton Tadder and ad agency Iron Light Studios in Baltimore. Lane Kinze has several fine arts awards in mixed media and photography and has been recognized by the Kodak Kinsa Awards for black and white. Her business The Crystal Lenz has been published many times in Frederick, Annapolis, and Hagerstown. "I offer photography packages for weddings that bring new ideas to the options for printing and sharing with family. I do weddings and events, photo ad illustrations and commercial portfolios," says Lane. "I currently do the school photos for The Hagerstown Children's School.
"Our weddings are becoming popular because we offer CDs with the packages and we always do something creative and fun with all our endeavors."
Lane goes on to say that as a creative photography service, she can handle a variety of large and small-scale projects. "I am always working with new ideas. I want to shoot as much as possible to keep learning and growing."
Lane Kinze is an artsy type person who wants to make some sort of difference in the world. She didn't think she could find that in weddings, but "I was wrong," she says. Lane works closely with families to find what they want from their pictures and she keeps in mind that "we are recording family histories for generations to come". "It's a wonderful job!"
Working by her side is cartoonist Heather Creek who adds "her own creative flair to all the projects". Lane admits that not one moment is like another. "I like the ever changing beauty of life." Family photographs are important, this is why Lane invites others to use their cameras while they are shooting special events. "the more photos you have from your event, the better," she says. "I'm not the only artist in this world, and I really think we could use a whole lot more people showing their creative colors."
Lane Kinze hopes to open a program that teaches kids to have confidence with cameras. "They are easy to use and [the camera] offers a great opportunity for young people to express themselves."
When asked what kinds of moments in life she has yet to capture, she said, "I like so many different moments. I don't have one moment that's better than another"..."I have a million photos I want to take."
The Crystal Lenz is an extremely affordable service that brings professional work to many different families, and because of people like Lane Kinze, having your own elegant photographs is a breeze that won't break the bank . The Crystal Lenz is located in Hagerstown and services local Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.. If you're interested in finding out more about Lane Kinze's The Crystal Lenz, call 1-800-966-2306 or 240-675-2306 or visit them on the web at

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