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Launched Into Eternity: Hager House Presents Tales of Local Crime and Punishment

Launched Into Eternity:
Hager House Presents Tales of Local Crime and Punishment

Hagerstown, MD (June 16, 2008)- Have you ever heard of the Sheriff Swearingen Scandal? Do you know about Washington County's "other" John Brown? What significance does the date June 10, 1955 hold in the history of the State of Maryland?
You are invited to find out the answers to these questions and many more interesting historical facts as the staff of the Jonathan Hager House present the free historical program, Launched into Eternity at 7pm on Thursday July 17, 2008.
This free evening presentation will take a unique look at the tales of some of our local and neighboring states - more infamous criminal minds of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as explore the sensational reporting of their capture and demise. According to the City of Hagerstown's Historic Sites Facilitator, John Bryan, "When we set out to research a topic for one of our historic programs at the Hager House, we try to find an aspect of local history that isn't often talked about. Folks probably haven't heard the details behind crimes such as the case of the Swearingen love triangle, for example. This lecture will also highlight the way the stories were presented in the newspapers of the day, and it's easy to see how they are comparable to current celebrity trials, which the public is captivated by. Jennifer Kram, Recreation Assistant for the City of Hagerstown, also notes that, "Not only will you hear these little known stories, but you will also see how the photographers of the time captured these horrible events."
This fascinating presentation will be held in the Jonathan Hager House Museum's lecture area located on the second floor of the Hager Museum building adjacent to the Hager House, located at 110 Key Street in Hagerstown's beautiful City Park.
For more information about the Launched into Eternity program or any of the City of Hagerstown's upcoming events and programs at historic sites, please call 301-739-8393, e-mail or visit the Hager House website at

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