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Reward Being Offered: Abandonment or Dumping of Animals in Washington County is On the Rise

Reward Being Offered
Abandonment or Dumping of Animals in Washington County is On the Rise

Hagerstown, MD- The Humane Society of Washington County has had an increase in the numbers of abandoned or "dumped" animals being found in the county.
On Monday, October 8, a box of kittens, two orange tabbies and one calico, were found in a box along Route 34 between Keedysville and Sharpsburg. That same evening a pit bull was found tied to the steps outside of the Humane Society of Washington County.
On Tuesday, October 9, Animal Control Officer/Humane Investigator picked up three emaciated (thin) Doberman Pinchers. The two females and one male were found on Back Road south of Sharpsburg along the C&O Canal walking trail at the boat dock. The two females appear to have been recently bred. All three were taken to a local veterinarian for evaluation as they were all extremely thin weighting approximately 40 pounds and appeared to have skin problems.
A reward of up to $1,000 has been offered by a private citizen for anyone providing information resulting in the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the dumping of the three Doberman Pinchers, the kittens and/or the pit bull. Anyone interested in providing additional money for the reward or for donating funds to help with the care and upkeep of the Doberman Pinchers and other abandoned animals may contact the Humane Society of Washington County at 301-733-2060 or they may donate through our website at
Other incidents of animal abandonment are a black lab type dog reportedly dumped on Mills Road in Sharpsburg, MD that Animal Control officers are attempting to catch, a pit bull was reported abandoned on Salem Avenue last week, three pot belly pigs were found in Clear Spring, MD and a private citizen captured a dog that was dumped and living in a corn field in Maugansville.
"These do not appear to be cases of dogs running at large," stated Paul Miller, executive director of the Humane Society of Washington County. "These recent cases appear to be incidents of purposeful dumping or abandonment of animals." Legal ramifications for those abandoning or "dumping" animals are clear. Any individual or individuals found guilty of the abandonment of any domestic animal in the state of Maryland will receive a misdemeanor conviction on their criminal record and will be subject to a fine of up to $100.
The issues with the abandoned dogs are numerous. They attempt to get into cars and people's homes but due to their wary of people they run when they encounter a human. This makes them difficult to catch and can be potentially dangerous if they run out into traffic and cause an accident. Anyone with knowledge of the abandonment of the kittens, the Doberman Pinchers, Pit Bull and any other incidents of abandoning or dumping animals is urged to contact the Humane Society of Washington County at 301-733-2060 x203.

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