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There's a New Face at The Maryland Theatre

There's a New Face at The Maryland Theatre

The Maryland Theatre Board of Directors and Executive Director, Brian Sullivan, are pleased to announce Jenni Hatcher as the new Director of Development and Marketing.
Ms. Hatcher says that she is thrilled to be a member of The Maryland Theatre staff. Hatcher enthusiastically states, "Look for big, exciting changes at The Maryland Theatre from the moment you walk through the door."
She and Executive Director, Brian Sullivan, share the believe that a thriving theater and cultural life is invaluable asset in maintaining a bustling Arts and Entertainment District. It is a vital pillar in supporting downtown and regional businesses and lodging, and serves as an incredible compliment the innovative building projects happening, helps real estate values in the downtown area, and finally is an important resource to educate and entertain both adults and youth alike. "The time is now, like never before with a whole new energy and excitement, which I know this community has waited for and hoped to enjoy for many years... We have a sophisticated population in this area wit h a true desire to be entertained as such."
Hatcher adds that she holds the theatre's exceptional staff and volunteers in the highest regard noting with amazement the quality of technical and behind the scenes efforts that go into each and every show. "I just don't think that the average theatre patron realizes the extensive talent, connections and technical capabilities that Brian Sullivan brings to The Maryland Theatre and the ends to which the Theatre's two technicians go to in order to delight audiences with effects."
The Theatre has unlimited untapped possibilities not just as an entertainment venue that will feature a wide variety of upcoming shows such as the hilarious, longest running comedy improve show in New York City-Chicago City Limits, Broadway's "Little Women," Gaelic Storm-the Celtic band featured in the movie Titanic, a phenomenal jazz and children's series, progressive and classic rock, as well as opera and The Dubrovnik Symphony. Hatcher states it's time to think outside the box regarding The Maryland Theatre as not only as an entertainment venue, but also arguably the most beautiful, well equipped 1500 seat facility to proudly host your corporate events, charity events, educational classes, and meetings of all types.
Hatcher says she's been overwhelmed with the positive reception she's gotten from area businesses, educators, foundations, and private citizens and in the interest they've expressed in forming lasting partnerships with The Maryland Theatre. "I get the sense that the community has been eagerly waiting for a revitalization of this extent and nature. They are reaching out with such enthusiasm and generosity to support The Maryland Theatre. This is a chance to see a theatre, which you would have previously needed to travel to New York City to experience. Now we are fortunate enough to have it in our own back yard. People are very proud of that fact."
Hatcher promises, "You'll bee seeing an incredible variety of wonderful shows, as well as first time ever exciting events and trips hosted by The Maryland Theatre. Most people don't realize, in Washington County, we have the most arts and entertainment available in any one area in the state of Maryland. Surrounding areas are quickly realizing this. We used to travel to the city to see shows, but our most recent marketing survey proves, the city is coming to us."
To make a pledge to The Maryland Theatre in either in-kind or monetary support, or to be added to the Theatre's emailing list, please visit their beautiful new website at or contact Ms. Hatcher directly at

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