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What's Happening with Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex?

What's Happening with Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex?

Hagerstown, MD- After ten years of operating the Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex, the Washington County Sports Foundation has reached the decision that it can no longer manage the facility located in Fairgrounds Park.
The City of Hagerstown has advised the Washington County Sports Foundation that it will terminate the Operating and Management Contract between the City and the Foundation.
Britt Miller, President of the Foundation, stated "I am proud of what the Foundation has accomplished over the past ten years in providing a quality ice skating facility for area youth and adults. While the facility continues to attract both hockey players and figure skaters, and serve a significant number of people, the Foundation has not been able to generate sufficient revenue to maintain operations."
"The Ice Rink was constructed with a large amount of financial contributions from members of the community and has served as a good recreation facility for Hagerstown's residents," stated City Administrator, Bruce Zimmerman. "However, as the City analyzed the financial resources of the Foundation, there were not sufficient funds to sustain the current operations. As a result the City will explore both short term and long term options for the community's use of the building."
Hagerstown's Mayor and Council have authorized the staff to explore an interim operating structure to keep the facility open as an ice rink during the 2007/08 skating season and have also asked staff to evaluate longer term alternatives for the possible conversion of the building to a multi-use facility that could include an ice rink.
Presently, the facility is closed to allow for repairs to the skating surface to prepare the ice for the coming season.
Lewie Thomas, the City's Recreation Facilities Coordinator, stated, "We want to continue working with the Ice Rink's user groups to explore potential operating structures that will allow for continued use of the facility. We know there is interest in keeping the facility open as an ice rink and we will continue to evaluate possible interim operations."

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