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Short Film Project Shot in Washington County, Being Entered in Film Festivals

Ph Cap: Actress Hari Leigh atop High Rock in Washington County, Maryland, during filming of short film.

Short Film Project Shot in Washington County, Being Entered in Film Festivals

(Hagerstown, MD)- An independent short film (less than 30-minutes in length) was completed in Washington County, Maryland. The film is a project of the award-winning film writer-director Josh Slates. Upon completion of final editing, the film will be entered in the international film festival circuit in 2008.
Josh Slates is a producer, director and journalist based in Baltimore. His most recent film, "Ponkutsu Park," premiered at the Maryland Film Festival and screened in the Short Film Corner at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. His new short-film production is a portrait of nuclear geo-political thought amongst the heavy-metal rock n' roll set in the last weeks of 1989. The project was filmed on location in Washington County and also in Baltimore, and is currently in post-production. The production company is called Mobtown Shank.
Slates recently completed work on the Bruce Willis film "Live Free or Die Hard" and his other film credits include "Rocket Science," "Annapolis," "xXx State of the Union," and "Ladder 49." He also has done production work on the film "A Dirty Shame," "Head of State," and TV work with "The Wire" and "Homicide: Life on the Street."
The lead of the short film is Hari Leigh, who has several movie acting credits, and also is an up and coming stand-up comedienne.
Upon completing his filming in Washington County, Mr. Slates said, "We had a great experience in this film-friendly environment. We had heard that Hagerstown and Washington County was a good place to bring TV and film productions, and we can certainly testify that it was easy to film our production here." Much of the filming took place in Washington County's High Rock Park, near Cascade.
Slates said, "I was a correspondent for WYPR for this year's Cannes Film Festival, and I'm looking forward to coming back with the film we completed in Washington County."
The film production company headquartered their project at the Four Points Hotel.
Josh Slates is also the editor of "Travels Through Elsewhere Cinema," a print journal of foreign and underground cinema that is distributed by Atomic Books.

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