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Make Every Day Mother's Day

Make Every Day Mother's Day

(ARA)- Despite the obvious joys of being a new mom, it can also take its toll. Adjusting to motherhood can leave women feeling exhausted, stressed and frazzled. So how is it that celebrity moms always appear to be so well rested and pulled together?
Alyson Scott, celebrity stylist and founder of StyleChic, contends that any mom can look and feel like a million bucks. "Even though new moms may be exhausted, there are a few simple things they can do to look and feel well-rested."
* The power of touch goes a long way. New moms are always looking for ways to develop a bond with their baby. What better way to develop this connection than through the calming power of touch? So one thing Scott always recommends is to treat your baby to a massage with Vicks BabyRub, a favorite product of many of her clients with babies three months and older." The gentle Vicks BabyRub formula contains petrolatum and Aloe to leave your baby's skin feeling soft. Vicks BabyRub also contains the aromatic fragrances of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender. Plus, Vicks has been a trusted name for more than 100 years, so you know that you're being a good mom when you combine this with a mother's loving touch."
* Enjoy the great outdoors. With warmer weather upon us, it's the perfect time of year to put your baby in the stroller and head outdoors for a "Mom and Baby Hike." Its great exercise for moms, allows them to spend quality time with their baby and often after an hour or so of fresh air, babies are ready to go down for a nap as soon as you get home.
* Accept offers from friends to help. Sometimes it can be hard to step away for an hour or two, but "me" time goes a long way with new moms. Don't be afraid to accept help from friends and neighbors, especially if they offer to baby-sit. Spending a little alone time with yourself can do wonders in terms of recharging your batteries and ensuring that you stay healthy and happy for both yourself and baby.
And despite what women do to appear stress free, Scott says the most important thing for new moms to remember is that they are not alone. "Many new moms get caught up in the fact of whether or not they are doing everything 'right.'" she says. I think the most important thing to remember when feeling overwhelmed is that it's completely normal! Even celebrities with a full-time personal staff feel overwhelmed from time to time."
For additional tips from Alyson Scott on how new moms can pamper themselves and their babies, visit For more information about Vicks BabyRub, log onto

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