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Give It Up for Moms

Give It Up for Moms

(ARA)- The hardest working woman in your life is mom. Whether she is yours or the mother of your child, she unselfishly juggles the demands of today's fast-paced world, keeping everyone's shoes tied, providing humor or advice in any situation and keeping the household running like clockwork. Show mom the gratitude she deserves this Mother's Day with unique and creative surprises that reflect the special place she holds in your heart.
For Your Mom
Give a Custom Card
Personalize a message with a homemade greeting card. Tell the story of your favorite moments with mom using images from old magazines, cards and notes. Sign the card and hide it in an unexpected place like a gym or bag, above the visor in her car or in her briefcase, and wait for that special thank you.
Make the Small Things Count
Buy your mom a tin of Chocolate Dipped Altoids and turn it into a gift that keeps giving once she is done enjoying the indulgent treat. Remove the Altoids from the tin and nestle your favorite photo at the bottom. Replace the mints and wrap the tin, putting a daisy or card on top. After mom has enjoyed the curiously strong and original dark chocolate treats, she will smile at the surprise tucked at the bottom of the tin and have a permanent keepsake for her desk.
Why Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Write down all the reasons you cherish mom on small paper notes - one reason per piece of paper. Neatly fold them and put them in a jar. Cover the jar with a vibrant fabric lid and tie with a piece of ribbon before gifting. Add some potpourri to the bottom of the jar and your gift will keep mom's senses happy as well.
Give Yourself
Create an adventure. Draw or write a series of clues on a piece of paper and send your mom around the house, or neighborhood to find her special gift. End the journey at the place you first played catch, learned to ride your bike or anyplace you shared a special mom moment. Take a photo with mom in your special spot and frame the image so she'll remember the day for years to come.
For the Kid's Mom:
Sing the Sound of Music
Make a compilation CD with songs that remind you of your honey. Include tunes from your first date, your first dance or your first family vacation. Personalize the CD cover with a silly family snapshot and include a handwritten message inside the cover.
Recreate Your First Date
Whether it was 80 years ago or 80 days ago, take a night off from the kids and recreate the details of your first date. Be on your best behavior and remember to ring her doorbell when you pick her up and don't forget to open the car door. Make sure you ask the babysitter to do the dishes after bedtime so mom really has the night off.
Host a "Nothing Fancy" Family Dinner
Invite your sweetheart to an indoor family picnic. Fill a basket with some simple treats, lay out a cozy blanket and enjoy the warm weather (inside) with lots of candles and pillows. Put on a CD and play mom's favorite music in the background and talk about some of your favorite family memories.
Hunt and Gather
Save little mementos from special outings, dates or family celebrations and design a collage of your life together. A movie stub, handwritten note, dried flowers, or a quick family snapshot from a favorite day in the park to show her the special place she holds in your heart. Use a shadow box to display the items and tell the story of your relationship.

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