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Some Lucky Homeless Dogs Will Now Have a Bed to Sleep On

Some Lucky Homeless Dogs Will Now Have a Bed to Sleep On

Humane Society of Washington County has received a grant from The Foundation to receive free Kuranda Dog Beds as part of the "Every Dog Deserves a Bed" pilot program.
The program is providing homeless dogs comfortable and durable Kuranda Dog Beds--chew-proof, off the floor beds - while they live temporarily in rural animal shelters, waiting to be adopted. The dog beds can have a calming effect and lower the stress levels of kenneled dogs, improving their overall physical and mental well being during their stay-however long or short-in an animal shelter.
"It is a win-win situation," explains Betsy Saul, president of the Foundation. "The dogs have their own bed, the shelters are demonstrating that they care about the animal's environment and the public has a better impression of the organization."
Organizations were invited to apply for the donations. The recipients were selected based on their location (rural shelters were given higher preference), whether or not they housed strays for their community and their annual dog euthanasia and adoption rates.
The pilot program was made possible through the partnership of, Odie's Fund and Kuranda USA. Foundation executive director Nancy McKenney adds, "We are thrilled to be able to leverage a generous donation into a special program that directly helps homeless dogs in so many different communities." If you are in the position to make a donation to ensure that this dog bed donation program can continue, please contact the Foundation ( for more information. If you would like to directly donate one or more beds for your local animal shelter at a reduced rate, please visit
Odie's Fund supports dog rescue efforts in rural areas, with a special focus on helping homeless hounds in Virginia and West Virginia. More information about Odie's Fund is available at
The Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists animal adoption organizations across North America through problem solving, fundraising, and providing relief in times of stress or disaster (
The Humane Society of Washington County posts its adoptable pets online at
[Distributed by The Humane Society of Washington County, 301-733-2060.]

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