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How to Have a Romantic Valentine's Day Evening

How to Have a Romantic Valentine's Day Evening
by Jennifer LB Leese

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show the special person in your life just how much you love them.
Because Valentine's Day falls on hump day (Wednesday) this year, I thought I'd talk a little about how to have a romantic evening at home.
- Have an indoor picnic. Pull the sofa up in front of a roaring fire, or clear the space and spread out a soft, thick blanket. Have your favorite beverage chilling on ice alongside vibrant red strawberries. If you're having champagne, drop pomegranate seeds into the glass to tinge the bubbly mixture. Cook or order ahead of time. Have a CD or radio station ready and enjoy your evening.
- Pamper your sweetheart. Just before your sweetie is expected, draw a hot bubbly bath or layer the top with fresh rose petals. If you like the idea of the rose petals, but don't want to purchase a dozen or more at regular prices, ask the florist for short stemmed roses or slightly bruised ones. Turn the lights down low, or better yet, place lit candles along the rim of the bathtub. Have a glass of wine and a few chocolate bits for them to nibble on. While they're in the bath, prepare the bedroom for their spa treatment by lining the bed with fresh, warm towels. Fill a large bowl with warm, almost hot water and place near the bed on a table or stand with several washcloths and great spa products such as moisturizers, exfoliate rubs, creams, scrubs, and toners. Follow the directions on the back of the package or if you've ever had a facial, mimic the experience.
- Teaser. Before your loved one gets home dim all the lights in the house. Make a trail of rose petals that lead from the front door up the stairs to the bedroom. Be ready for when they come in. Dress in something sexy and lay a sexy outfit on the bed for your partner. Something new that also works as a new gift would work nicely here, but you can always lay out something the two of you already own. Have almonds, chocolates, raspberries, strawberries and wine handy. Turn the lights out in the bedroom, having only candlelight to see from. Now wait for your sweetheart to enter.
- Dinner out. Reserve dinner at a favorite restaurant or one you've both wanted to try. Toast each other with sparkling bubbly and make the most out of your evening out.
- Spark up old memories. Take your Valentine to the place where you first met or the first place you had dinner together. Talk about days gone by and unconditionally enjoy each other.
- After dinner in or dinner out, take a carriage ride through the park, go ice-skating, dancing or go for a long romantic drive. No matter what you're sure to have a great time.
The above are just a few examples of how to plan a romantic evening at home. Whatever romantic tip you choose to use, make it as memorable and sensual as possible for your sweetheart.
How about some romantic ideas for making their "work" day special too? Here's a few of my favorites...
- Have a dozen long-stemmed red roses (the symbol of romance and passion) delivered to your partner's work place. Include a message of love and a hint as to what you have planned for your evening together.
- If your loved one has a favorite poet/poem, recite it into your lover's voice mail at work or leave one later on their cell phone voice mail. This way they'll receive your thoughtful deed at lunch or while on break.
- Have steaming coffee ready, a Valentine's Day-decorated pastry and a romantic card waiting on the counter for your lover when they get up in the morning.
- Or leave a note that says "I Love You" beside their pillow to make their day start with you on their mind.
- Order your sweetheart a Valentine's Day gift basket and have it delivered with a dozen of his/her favorite flowers to his/her work place.
If you want to do more...
Of course a romantic evening is always nice, but some of you may feel that you want to do a little more for your sweetheart. Here are a few ideas that are sure to impress.
- For most, it just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a box of chocolates. This year why not go all out and get something really special. Drug stores, grocery stores, and large chain stores aren't the only places that carry Valentine's Day supplies. Search the Internet, you're sure to find many businesses that specialize in chocolates that are made to tantalize ALL the senses.
- Why not skip the Valentine's Day stuffed animals, red heart-shaped boxes full of chocolates, T-shirts, and gear and get your Valentine a thoughtful, timeless gift. Make your sweetheart a CD of songs that reminds you of them. You can even record a special message as the first track, letting them know what little things you love about them. Gather your favorite photos of the two of you and personalize the CD cover. They're sure to love this one.
- Get them a book, framed work of art, or collectible that they've expressed interest in. For me, I love the painter Johannes Vermeer. So one year my husband bought and had specially framed Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" as a special gift to me. Other than my three children, it may just be one of the most beautiful gifts he had ever given for me. Every time I look at it, I think of him and the day he gave it to me.
- If you are married, how about letting your loved one know that you'd marry them all over again by proposing once more over dinner or while out on a walk or carriage ride?
- Get home before your Valentine, cover the living room floor with newspapers and paint them a masterpiece.
No matter what you choose to do for your Valentine on this special day - be sure to check your schedules before you decide on anything and consider your sweetheart's interests as well as your own - after all the day is for both of you.

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