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26 Ways to Live, Love, and Enjoy Life

26 Ways to Live, Love, and Enjoy Life
by Jennifer LB Leese

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to transform your life. Focus on your 2007 resolutions by working toward success, bettering your health, stabilizing your emotional well-being, and growing spiritually. You don't have to rush into it. Begin with baby steps - they're sure to make a big difference.
1. Live for today.
This can be accomplished if you change your way of thinking. Of course, this isn't easy and it will take some time. Instead being negative or doubtful; be positive and open-minded. Stop saying, "later" - there may not one.
2. Write it down.
Anyone in the medical field will tell you that writing things down - both good and bad - helps you to keep a clear mind. You don't have to write a book, just jot a few random thoughts or start an ongoing list.
3. Don't sweat the small stuff.
Getting upset over every little thing isn't healthy. Besides it being a waste of energy, it just isn't worth it. Smile at your unrelenting boss. Wave to the driver who blew the horn at you. Keep it'll see a difference in your spirits in no time.
4. Play and play often.
Keeping the child within alive will enable you to enjoy the little pleasures that come your way. Recapture the magic of your childhood. Remember jumping in the cool leaves, diving off the side of a pool into the refreshing water below, or having your first sleepover? You're never too old to play.
5. Keep up...
with your family and friends. They're there for you. In the end, our family and friends are all we've got. So, write them and tell them how much you love them. Call them to tell them you're just thinking about them. They'll feel better and so will you.
6. Change a habit.
We all have at least one habit that we'd like to change. The problem isn't fixing it; it's admitting it. Be optimistic. Be adventurous. The key is to stick with it. You just may like the change.
7. Make new friends.
How many times have you thought (while watching kids play), "I wish I could make friends that easily"? They do make it seem easy, don't they? For some reason, it just seems harder for adults. We're too judgmental, invidious, and often times reserved. If we let go of those'll be easier to say hello to a co-worker or neighbor.
8. Go for a walk.
Dress comfortably and for the weather then head outside. Walking renews and invigorates physically and mentally. Listen to the sounds around you. Take in the sights. Breathe the fresh air. Walk regularly and you'll feel better every day.
9. Change your routine.
Work, eat, sleep. Why do you think they call a routine a routine? It's because we've gotten to where we do the same thing day after day, week after week. Change it! Create an interest, do something new, go somewhere different. Make your Sunday morning a breakfast in the park day - not sleeping in. Waking early to do something for yourself will invigorate you and allows you to spend more of the day doing something productive. Now reverse...for those of you who never get the luxury of sleeping in...arrange it! You deserve it...your body will thank you.
10. Who's old?
When we let our age dictate our lives we miss out on many wonderful things. Maybe it's time to stop acting your age, and start acting and behaving the way you feel. If you feel old, maybe you should work on your way of thinking! "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."- Abraham Lincoln
11. Learn to let go.
Getting rid of the excess baggage leads to personal release, giving you room to grow emotionally. Trust yourself, love yourself, accept who you are.
Statistics show that the happiest people are those who are able to avoid constant arguments. Learn to let go. Be amiable and understanding.
12. Controlling anger
Learning to let go is a start. But you've also got to control yourself. If you get angry easily...Cool it! Don't let a negative person or a stressful situation get the better of you. Rethink the situation. Play it out in your mind before you respond. Most of the time you'll just shake your head and walk away.
13. Reach for the sun.
It's not easy to pull away from our preconditioned beliefs and routines and take a hard look at them. Growth and learning comes from being able to accomplish this. Try and see yourself as others do. Listen to what they have to say.
14. Don't bottle them up.
Everyone needs someone to talk to. Holding things in isn't healthy and can lead to trouble. Talk it out. When you expose your emotions, you'll feel good and less stressed.
15. Move it!
According to Feng Shui, the front door of your house should be in keeping with the size of your house. If overly large, your fortunes will suffer. If too small, ch'i is constricted and there will be disagreements within the family.
The front door should also be slightly larger than the back door (ideally not in line with each other). This allows the ch'i to flow in quickly and easily, and spend time in the house before flowing out.
The best position for the front door is on the left side of the house, looking out. It is said that this allows the green dragon to protect the main entrance.
16. Hug and be hugged.
Stress is hard on all of us. Whether we're the one going through the stress or the one being afflicted by someone else's makes for an unpleasant and destructive atmosphere. This sounds a little silly written, but hug and be hugged. Research has proven that being hugged by a member of the opposite sex produces a sense of well-being.
17. Laugh and call me in the morning.
Laughter is a great thing - that's why we've all heard the saying, "Laughter is the best medicine." There is strong evidence that laughter can actually improve health and help fight disease. So laugh and laugh hard.
18. Be positive.
Negative self-talk is a destructive habit and part of an essential defense mechanism that we often develop to protect ourselves. Whenever a hope is crushed or a want is unfulfilled, we tell ourselves, "I didn't expect any different," or "That's just my luck!" It's OK to be upset. Just don't go overboard, and most importantly, don't give up.... Good luck and stay positive!
19. It's OK to say, "no"
Think before saying yes and learn to say no. Whether it's a boss wanting you to put in a little "extra" for "free", or a neighbor who wants to "borrow" a tool - it's okay to tell them no. Knowing yourself and your limits helps you develop healthy and meaningful relationships because it will not allow space for friction and conflict. On top of all that you will gain self-respect and self-esteem.
20. Play with your pet
While you and your pet like each other's company, your heart likes it too. Research has found that just being in the presence of a beloved pet can lower a person's blood pressure and feelings of distress. Animals give an unlimited amount of unconditional love. Benefit from it.
21. Relax in a jiffy
Relaxation is key to being happy and prosperous. When feeling stressed, take a moment to take a deep breath. Take a break to yawn, stretch...even daze for a few minutes every day. Go out for a 5-minute walk and stare into something far away. You will come back refreshed.
22. Get your beauty sleep
Physical skills are enhanced by sleep. When tired of a routine, call it quits. Pushing beyond fatigue and frustration most likely won't supply any benefits. Get a full night's sleep.
23. Create a sanctuary.
Choose a special place in your home to feel peaceful and enlightening. Fill it with pictures of your loved ones and objects of personal meaning. If you use this space consistently, it will become your sanctuary.
24. Don't be a worry-wart.
For those who worry themselves to death, there is good news: worriers make great successes. If you can reverse the worry, such as, imaging yourself getting the job instead of just going for a job interview, such positive anticipation will boost your spirits.
25. No cheese with your whine.
While complaining may provide brief emotional relief, it usually feeds negative attitude. Instead of whining whenever something doesn't go as planned, try turning it around by giving it a positive ending.
26. Pay it forward.
Smile. It's contagious.

Source:, "The Miracle Makers Club - Live the Prosperous and Soul Filled Life that You Deserve" by Joan Hangarter and Brooke Kelley, and "How to Live in the World and Still Be Happy" by Hugh Prather.

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