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Beyond the Traditional in Men's Wedding Rings

Beyond the Traditional in Men's Wedding Rings

It wasn't too long ago that the selection of wedding rings for men in jewelry stores was limited to gold and platinum wedding bands. But now, the selection of men's wedding rings is just as varied as those for women.
The reason behind this big switch is demand. These days more and more men are looking for something different and want more than a traditional wedding band. If you'd like more than the usual plain wedding band, then take a look through this information about what is now available for men. You may find exactly the alternative you'll really like.
One of the major - and most interesting changes - is in the type of metal you can choose for your wedding band. You're no longer limited to gold and platinum as the only choices for wedding rings. New popular choices include tungsten, two-toned gold, stainless steel, and titanium wedding bands.
A tungsten wedding band is a good choice for a wedding ring because of its durability and quality. Tungsten, which is unalloyed, is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. But more importantly, wedding rings made of tungsten won't tarnish, are difficult to scratch, and have a natural shine to them.
So you just can't decide between gold and platinum? Then maybe a two-toned gold wedding band is the answer! A wedding ring that features different metals with opposite properties appeals to men who are interested in a wedding band that looks good at both work and play. This type of wedding band is usually relatively inexpensive. Interestingly, stainless steel has made a return to the jewelry industry. Like tungsten, stainless steel is highly durable and offers a handsome wedding band for a man wanting a stylish wedding band but without frills and an expensive price tag.
The new best seller in men's wedding jewelry is titanium. Why? The reason titanium has become so popular with men is style. Hammered titanium wedding rings are particularly popular with men because they have a rugged masculine look. Some men opting not to wear a wedding band do so because they feel like wearing jewelry is sort of feminine. But take a look at some of the black titanium wedding bands and you'll see why they are a big hit with men. Its color is an attention-getter for sure, especially when combined with a diamond or other metal, such as gold.
With all the new styles of wedding band available to men, bridal sets are becoming even more popular. This can be a great choice for couples that want to share the same wedding ring style. Another reason a couple may decide on a bridal set is because wedding rings are typically less expensive when purchased in a set. Then the only problem is for the couple to agree on a single style they both like.
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