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The Valentine's Day Gift that Every Woman Wants

The Valentine's Day Gift that Every Woman Wants

(ARA)- Attention guys! If you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift every woman is guaranteed to love here it is: Your adoring attention. That's right--this year, instead of falling back on the old stand-bys of chocolates, flowers or jewelry, why not give the woman in your life the gift of your time?
Face it fellows. Your women are in the relationship because they want to spend time with you more than anyone else in the world. Your time and attention combined with a bit of creativity are sure to enhance your efforts at romance. Here are a few tips from the experts at Lush, makers of fresh, handmade cosmetics, on how to seduce your sweetie this Valentine's Day.
Massage Your Love
You don't have to send your sweetheart to a trendy spa to massage your romance. Create a relaxing spa atmosphere right in your own home. Dim the lights. Put on a CD of soothing New Age music. Light lavender or rose scented candles. Drape the bed in plush towels of Egyptian cotton, strewn with rose petals.
For the massage itself, try applying Lush's new Love Bug massage bar to the body areas where stress and strain most commonly collect--neck, shoulders, back, calves and feet. Love Bug's luxurious combination of Fair Trade cocoa butter and shea butter in a shiny golden bar leave skin soft, moisturized, and lightly scented with a hint of gold shimmer. Or, if you want to combine avenues to a woman's heart--skin and stomach--why not try the edible Mange Too massage bar? The blend of white chocolate, honey, fresh bananas and cocoa, mango and shea butters melts into the skin to soothe, soften and make it irresistibly touchable.
Shower (or Bathe) Her with Affection
Few end-of-day retreats are as relaxing as a warm bath. Having that bath drawn for you, and that special someone scrubbing your back, can wash away the stress of the day.
Treat your love to a luxurious bath or shower by setting the stage and using indulgent bath products. Again, dim the lights and place candles throughout the room. Remember, you'll likely be using scented shower gel or bath soap, so choose unscented candles or ones with a very light aroma. Have a glass of her favorite cool beverage at hand. Warm a plush bath towel in the dryer to prevent post-bath chills.
Be sure to choose a bath product that matches both your loved one's preferences and the mood you want to set. You can't go wrong with a bath bomb--a special aroma therapeutic ballistic that effervesces essential oils when placed in the bath water. Lush's Tisty Tosy bath bomb is heart-shaped and full of rosebuds that float to the bath's surface as the bomb fizzes away to create an enchanting love spell-a guaranteed pampering and soothing experience.
For the ultimate sensual bath indulgence toss Romance in a Stone bath bomb in the tub for a bath filled with sweet, wild orange essential oil and real rosebuds. The Tisty Tosy bath bomb is also available in two gift sets, called Love Stacks, partnered with the violet-laden Gratuitous Violets soap and Soft Coeur chocolate and honey massage bar, or with the creamy Rock Star pink candy colored soap and the Pleasure Treasure orange blossom and almond massage bar.
If your sweetheart prefers showers, surprise her by installing a rainfall showerhead and scrubbing her back with Flying Fox shower gel. Artfully designed to stimulate a woman's erotic senses, the gel blends free radical fighting honey with jasmine and essential oils of ylang ylang, cypress and palmerosa.
However you choose to express your love this Valentine's Day, remember your loving attention is the gift that will always fit. To romance your honey with even more luxurious handmade products, visit

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