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Local columnist heads to the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention

Local columnist heads to the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention
By Jennifer LB Leese
Staff Writer

The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention will be taking place August 9-11, 2012 at The Marriott Hotel in Hunt Valley, Maryland. This convention is a three-day festival that recognizes days long past - days when a glass bottle of Pepsi cost consumers only five cents - hula hoops and jumping jacks were the popular past time, and monster movies was all the rage at drive-ins.
Attendees from as far as England and Belgium travel for this annual convention. Hollywood celebrities, such as Ian Petrella ("A Christmas Story"), Jeanne and Jay North (TV's "Dennis the Menace"), William Sanderson (Sheriff Bud Dearborne from HBO's "True Blood"), and Shirley Jones (The Partridge Family), and more agree to sign autographs for the fans, pose for photographs, and participate in interviews.
Almost 200 vendor tables are available and offer a variety of movie posters, pulp magazines, lobby cards, DVDs, VHS videos, comic books, old-time radio shows, penny arcade cards, and much more. A movie room screens rare classics 24 hours a day, re-creations are performed on stage, a charity auction will occur as well as drive-in movie theater, buffer banquet as well as plenty of slide show seminars and panels all weekend long.
Tom Doty, Hagerstownian and "Movies From the Black Lagoon" columnist in the Picket News, will be running a celebrity panel saluting 60s sci-fi television during this convention. He will also be conducting audience questions for the stars of "The Time Tunnel", which includes James Darren (T. J. Hooker), Robert Colbert (Maverick), and Ron Ely (TV's Tarzan). Look for Doty's follow-up article on the convention and how his interviews played out in the weeks to come.
Anyone can attend the convention. Attendees can pay in advance or at the door.
Visit for more information, to purchase admission tickets, get directions, and see an upcoming schedule of events.

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