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Rock in Remembrance: A Concert for Anais

Rock in Remembrance
A Concert for Anais

Rock in Remembrance, A Concert for Anais, will take place on Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 3-10 p.m. at Masonic Temple, 54 S. Potomac Street in Hagerstown. Doors open at 2.
This event was put together by Anais's boyfriend, Ethan Frusher with the intention of raising money for the family of the young girl as a way of helping them with medical and funeral expenses.
Anais Delilah Fournier, 14, of Hagerstown was a wonderfully unique and beautiful person. She went into sudden cardiac arrest, brought on by caffeine toxicity, on Saturday, December 17, 2011 and was rushed to the Meritus Medical Center, then flown to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore where her family spent the longest 6 days of their lives waiting for Anais to regain consciousness. But unfortunately, she never did and was pronounced brain dead and taken off life support on December 23, 2011.
Anais was an avid honor student at South Hagerstown High School. She was a loving, understanding friend, who always put others first - even if she didn't know you, she was always there to lend an ear.
Her concert is to not only help raise money for the family, but also to bring awareness to the dangers of consuming these energy drinks.
Did you know that energy drinks sales exceeded 365 million gallons in 2008? (Statistics compiled by the Beverage Marketing Corporation). As these energy drinks grow in popularity, especially among the 18-and-under age group, concerns have risen as to the safety of them, especially the energy drink's effects on health when consumed in excess.
According to the Mayo Clinic, high levels of caffeine consumption can negatively impact your cardiovascular health by increasing your blood pressure and in some cases cause abnormal heart rhythms. Blogger, Dr. Lisa Dana, says that energy drinks have been associated with seizures, heart rhythm irregularities and when mixed with other medications or stimulants, they can even be associated with death.
Rock in Remembrance costs only $5 and will include food and merchandise vendors, as well as local bands: Blue Nevada, The Drummer Quits, Alt 40, Old Receiver, Evolution Rock School Student Band, Frusher & Hillburn and more. There will also be a silent auction. Whether you come to dance or just enjoy the music, the organizers must insist on no drugs and no alcohol.
Tickets are on sale at the door or available by calling 301-797-9516 or 301-991-2701. All money raised goes to the Fournier Family Relief Fund.
If you can't make it to this event but still would like to help the family cover medical and funeral costs, donations are being accepted at the family's memorial website at

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