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HELP program did just that for a local dog

HELP program did just that for a local dog

Hagerstown, MD: The Humane Society of Washington County (HSWC) recently helped a local dog named Tootlebug when she became sick. On Wednesday December 21, 2011 Tootlebug came to the shelter to say thank you for the help. She came with two big pizzas and a cake for the staff.
Owned and adored by Shirley Shoemaker, Tootlebug became very sick in early December. Ms. Shoemaker came to the HSWC to see if we could help with some of the medical costs. The HSWC provided Ms. Shoemaker with a voucher for the HELP program and Tootlebug was diagnosed with diabetes. She is now on insulin and is apparently feeling much better.
"You saved my Tootlebug's life," said Shoemaker. "She was so sick and you all helped her. We can't thank you enough." The staff at the HSWC thought Tootlebug knew just the right way to say thank you and they enjoyed the tasty treats.
The HSWC has a variety of programs designed for the needs of the community. Washington County residents are welcome to call or go on line at and inquire about the HELP program, AID program, SNIP and SNAP Spay and Neuter programs, Silver Lining and Animal Health Voucher. The Animal Health Voucher program was established in response to the by the recent canine parvovirus outbreak in the community. Established to help pet owners negatively impacted by the economic downturn, the program has been extended to include cats and will provide for rabies vaccinations in both species. The vouchers are worth up to $75.00 and a voucher is required for each cat and dog. The vouchers will cover the cost of a visit to a veterinarian's office for a cat/dog, and for the vaccination that includes the canine parvo virus, distemper and Bordetella for dogs, the two series FVRCP vaccinations for felines and rabies for both dogs and cats. The certificates will be issued to individuals meeting the program's criteria.

The Humane Society of Washington County is located at 13011 Maugansville Road in Hagerstown, MD. Visit our website,, for information on animal related issues, directions to the shelter and information about our programs and services.

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